Chronology of Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber’s relationship


Jacob Elordi, 24, and Kaia Gerber, 19, made headlines as their relationship blossomed during the coronavirus pandemic. Elordi and Gerber initially sparked romance rumors in late summer 2020 after being seen several times.

The couple officially started their relationship in late 2020 on Instagram, showing off their Halloween costumes as a couple. The private couple have been dating for almost a year now and are still going strong.

Elordi has already dated his Kissing cabin co-star Joey King, which ended in 2018. At the end of 2019, the Euphoria the actor was romantically linked with his co-star Zendaya. The two have kept their relationship very private and their breakup was not known until news of Elordi and Gerber were dating.


Gerber is the daughter of model Cindy Crawford and American businessman Randy Gerber. Before her romance with Elordi, she had already dated Pete Davidson, which ended in early 2020.

Here’s everything we know about the couple, from their first date to their last outing.

September 2020

On September 1, Elordi and Gerber were spotted leaving the Nobu restaurant after having dinner together. E! New reported that Elordi and Gerber had been friends for some time. “Jacob definitely has an interest in dating Kaia, but nothing bad is going on,” a source told the outlet. “They have many mutual friends and have dated several times in the past. They both have very cold personalities and similar interests. Jacob makes Kaia laugh and his family adores him.

The source continued, “Kaia is keeping things friendly for now, but there is a flirtation between the two. She has told friends that she is single and is just having fun and hanging out. with people.

In early September, the couple sparked rumors when they were spotted together in New York’s Soho. A source said People that “their fingers were interlocking and they seemed very comfortable together”. The source continued, “At one point they weren’t holding hands and Kaia grabbed her [hand], and they continued on their way. They looked happy.


celebrity sightings in New York on September 09, 2020

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The couple were rumored to be seen holding hands while enjoying a night out in New York City, per E! New. The paparazzi surprised the couple at a dinner party in East Village. A source told the outlet that the couple have been “inseparable for several weeks”. The source added, “They go out to dinner at night and train together at the gym during the day.”

End of September, The kissing booth actor on vacation with Gerber and his parents, Cindy and Rande, in Los Cabos, Mexico, by People. The couple were spotted lounging by the pool, huddled together.

October 2020

In late October, the couple were spotted in Los Angeles on a rare PDA-filled outing, apparently confirming their relationship. Paparazzi photographed the couple as they kissed while shopping in Los Angeles with Gerber’s dog.

november 2020

On November 1, the couple began their relationship on Instagram. Gerber posted a photo of herself and Elordi dressed up as Elvis and Priscilla Presley for Halloween. Gerber’s makeup artist Sam Visser spoke to Vogue on the look of the couple. “Kaia sent me the idea, because there was a specific photo of Priscilla and Elvis that they wanted to recreate. I love Kaia. She is always open to trying new things and is not afraid to get out of it. his comfort zone.

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Later in the month, a source said People that the new couple is happy together. The source told the outlet that “Jacob is very kind to Kaia. They are always very affectionate and cute together. The source continued,” It is obvious that Cindy [Crawford] and Randé [Gerber] approve of Jacob too. They spend a lot of time together.

The source explained how Jacob “embraced Kaia’s life in Malibu and seems to love it as much as she does. They rarely leave Malibu and instead enjoy the beach, hike, and meet up with friends for dinner.

February 2021

On Valentine’s Day, Gerber posted a rare photo of herself and Elordi lounging side by side at the beach as they both indulged in reading. The model shared a bouquet of pink flowers on her Instagram Story which she captioned “lucky girl … 🥰”.

kaia gerber jacob elordicredit kaia gerberinstagram

Kaia Gerber posted a bouquet of flowers on her Instagram Story


April 2021

The following month, the paparazzi photographed the couple in Los Angeles in a rare affectionate appearance. The six-month-old couple were pictured cuddling as they made their way to the cafe. The couple wore similar outfits: black pants, sleeveless shirts, sunglasses and masks.

On April 14, the couple were seen at the Nobu with friends in Los Angeles, by Daily mail. The model wore an oversized striped blazer with black boots. Her beau wore a patterned jacket with a white tank top underneath. The paparazzi caught the couple leaving the restaurant, with Elordi in the driver’s seat.

A source said Us weekly that “Kaia’s parents adore Jacob and think he’s a great match for Kaia.” The source added: “His friends love him too and think he’s an idol.”

One day later, Us weekly reported that the couple are taking things slow in their relationship. A source told the outlet that “Kaia and Jacob are enjoying being in a relationship right now.” The source continued, “They are young and want to experience life together. They are lovers and also best friends. They are always together when they have no professional commitments.

May 2021

In a cover interview with Vogue, Gerber has opened up about her relationship with Elordi. “Being able to be with someone I trust, where we don’t want anything from each other, having a secure and stable relationship like that, really opened my eyes to the possibilities of love. and what it’s like to love unconditionally, “said Gerber.” Desire is touching other people or wanting them, but love is really seeing someone, ” she declared.

“He’s a great person for me because he went to drama school and has years of experience that I don’t have. So I’m like “Oh, I’ll definitely use you as a resource,” the american horror story the actress said when asked if Elordi gives her acting advice.

June 2021

On June 27, Gerber posted a birthday tribute to Elordi on his Instagram, complete with a photo of the shirtless actor.

“Happy birthday my love,” she wrote. Elordi turned 24 this year. Gerber will turn 20 in September.

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After all, birthday messages are a milestone in a relationship.

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