Dan Levy is back, this time wearing Emmy-winning glasses


“It’s probably my favorite form of personal expression,” says Dan Levy, “only because I was forced into it, whether I like it or not.” Whereby Levy – a man who won Emmys as a writer, director and actor for his work on Schitt Creek– means … fashion. More precisely, glasses. He is known as much for his acting as for his eyewear, and the multi-talented star’s eyewear brand, DL Eyewear, has just launched its spring collection.

This is not a new adventure for Levy. Before his show even aired, Levy had been working on DL Eyewear for almost a decade. Considering all those Emmys, you won’t be surprised to learn that Levy was doing it all on the spec side, from business management to social media to design. “It’s important that if you put your name on it, it comes straight from the source,” he says. Then Schitt Creek exploded, Levy got busy, and he had to cut DL Eyewear off – although the website stayed up. And receive some orders. With the end of Schitt Creek, Levy is back in the glasses game.

Dan Levy wearing the Highland glasses …

Courtesy of Sammy Rawal for DL ​​Eyewear

… And the Walker sunglasses a little more funk.

Courtesy of Sammy Rawal for DL ​​Eyewear

“It’s really about continuing the philosophy that I started the business with, which was to make people feel good,” he says. That means versatility (both in styles, but also prescriptions and optional blue light blocking lenses) and affordability. “We wanted to price the frames at a reasonable price, which could be included in the health care plan,” says Levy. Judging by sales and feedback, the plan is working.


The Spring collection is a mix of classic shapes like the Roxborough and more flowy, contemporary styles like the tinted ’90s Walker and Harper’s sharp angles in the shape of a cat’s eye. The Highland, originally designed as a one-off outfit for an Emmy outfit, is perhaps the brand’s most wearable. Perhaps not by chance, these are the frames Dan wears the most. So even if you don’t (yet) hide Emmys by the arm load on your coat, you’re at least going to be watching the game.

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DL Eyewear “Highland” optical glasses in smoke

“I wore Thom Browne to the Emmys. Once we knew what we were working with in terms of looks, we built this frame as a one-off for me to wear with the outfit. I loved it so much we have it. put. straight into production. So I feel like this frame has some good vibes around me. “

product picture

DL Eyewear “Highland” Sunglasses in Black

When the morning light is shining a little too bright on your Emmy, try the nuanced version of Levy’s must-have frames.

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DL Eyewear “Macpherson” Sunglasses in Vintage Pink

“McPherson is a really good, vintage-inspired, oversized square frame made of plastic. It reminds me of Italy. I photographed a lot of people who wore this kind of style and I definitely got a lot of old Italian movie stars on board. . So that’s our tribute to them. It looks great on a Vespa. “

product picture

DL Eyewear “Roxborough” Sunglasses in Camel

“This is based on a vintage sunglasses I bought in Japan. There is a timelessness. It looks a lot like old Hollywood, which I think is still a good look.”

product picture

DL Eyewear “Walker” sunglasses in blue stardust

“Walker is just plain fun. What we call blue stardust has some sort of glitter, which is just a great way to dress up a look. You put them on and it’s festive, especially for the summer. . Stardust is my favorite, obviously. “

Product photography by Matt Martin


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