Dia Mirza saves the best for last and shares adorable photo with her stepdaughter from her vacation in the Maldives


Dia Mirza ended her vacation in the Maldives on a high note. The actor described his time in the island nation as “restful and restorative.”

Sharing a few photos on her Instagram account, Dia wrote about her experience spending an hour with dolphins. She wrote, “Talk about saving the best for last!?! We spent over an hour with a few #Dolphins schools… 20-30 of them at a time. Words are insufficient to express the joy of witnessing these beautiful creatures in nature. “

Dia Mirza photos Dia Mirza with her stepdaughter Samaira. (Photo: Dia Mirza / Instagram)


Dia Mirza Here is another photo of Dia Mirza with Samaira. (Photo: Dia Mirza / Instagram)

She added: “The Indian Ocean was magical, our stay here in its calm waters was restful and restorative.”

In conclusion, Dia Mirza wrote that it all seemed “a bit fortuitous, how our day went leading up to the most memorable # EarthHour2021 on the beach.” “Our resolve has grown stronger to stay connected to our planet and do whatever it takes to consume less, waste less and say no to plastics #ForPeopleForPlanet #ForNature,” said Dia.

One of the photos also shows Dia enjoying her time with her stepdaughter Samaira. Previously, Dia shared a few clicks made by her husband Vaibhav Rekhi and explained how he is improving in his photography skills.

The actor, who married Vaibhav Rekhi in February, described his marriage in a post. Sharing footage of the same, Rehnaa Hai Terre actor Dil Mein wrote, “Love is a full circle that we call home. And what a miracle it is to hear her knock, to open the door and to be found by her. Share this moment of completion and joy with you … my extended family. May all the puzzles find their missing pieces, may all hearts heal and may the miracle of love continue to unfold all around us ❤️🙏🏻 #ThankYouPreeta #SunsetKeDiVaNe. “



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