Yoga has been part of Indian life since the dawn of time. But, like anything else, we started to appreciate him more, only when he gained popularity in the West. Now that our Prime Minister has successfully declared an international celebration of this ancient form of exercise, more and more Indians are enjoying it.

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Things to carry in your yoga bag

If you are also new to yoga, there are some accessories you need to build up your wardrobe. We’ve listed these yoga essentials for you below. Yeah, you are welcome!

Manduka yoga mat

One of the first yoga supplies you need, as a yoga starter, is a Manduka mat. They have a very long shelf life, and practitioners use a mat for about 4-5 years in a row. Because it lasts so long, it is advisable to make it a good investment. Avoid opting for the cheaper alternatives which could fall apart in a few months. You can choose from a variety of fun colors.

Yoga props
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Yoga mat towel

Yoga towel mats are one of the yoga accessories that you must purchase with your yoga mat. As many yogis experience sliding the yoga mat on a polished wooden or marble floor, a good towel will eliminate this discomfort. These absorbent towels are as large as rugs and would keep the rug from getting wet from perspiration.

Cool yoga clothes
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Yoga bolsters

Your collection of yoga supplies should also contain yoga bolsters. Whatever goal you are aiming for through yoga, it will be within your reach through the use of a suitable bolster. Especially, for beginners, who need support when performing certain postures, a bolster comes to the rescue. But as you shop for a yoga bolster, think about its fit for the exercise you need help with.

Yoga bolsters
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Yoga straps

Yet another accessory that must be present in your yoga bag are the yoga straps. Like the bolster, straps are accessories that help you form certain positions that you are still mastering. Natarajasana, which most beginners choose to skip, due to the tension and difficulty, can be easily trained using a yoga strap.

Yoga straps
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Yoga blocks

The next must-have tool, just like the two above, are yoga blocks. By using yoga blocks you, even as a beginner, can add depth to your poses. The blocks help you achieve and maintain balance in different postures. Get an EVA foam that has a closed cell construction that doesn’t trap moisture. These blocks can be cleaned easily.

Yoga clothes
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Yoga Capris

Yoga capris are one of the most popular yoga outfits. These babies are so comfortable that they will spoil you and get you hooked. The fabric is designed in a way that draws moisture away from your body while still allowing your skin to breathe. So even on hot summer days, you can keep your cool while participating in the most intense yoga sessions.

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Best yoga clothes
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Yoga Socks

You will do even the most difficult yoga poses as long as you are wearing these socks. These non-slip socks are made of a material that provides high friction, increasing your stability and balance. Apparently, you can try out complicated positions even if you’re missing your mat, as long as you’re wearing those ten-toe socks. I’d rather you buy at least half a dozen in all the funky colors and while you have a pair on your feet, keep a spare pair cool in your yoga bag.

Yoga Socks
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Tank top

Now, of all the things to carry in your yoga bag, tank tops are the must have. No yogi wardrobe is complete without some shiny tank tops. The fact that these tops don’t restrict your arm movement makes it easier for you to perfect the sun salutation. During hot yoga sessions you will most certainly be sweating, in such situations premium cotton tank tops will allow your skin to breathe and air to circulate better. Choose a tank top with lotus graffiti or an “Om” sign. These cool yoga clothes will add to the inner calm that one strives for through these asanas.

Yoga clothes
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Yoga is a form of exercise aimed at the general well-being of the artist. It not only seems to give you the perfect abs and size, but instills the kind of inner peace that you might have been looking for all your life. By performing it regularly, you will find your resurrected self.


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