Drake and Chrome Hearts designed a unique Rolls-Royce


“He wanted things to be heirlooms and to be coveted,” she says. “He was very specific about having things that have longevity. For example, 10 years from now, if someone says, ‘Oh, do you remember they did this Drake project? What are these few parts that were made? How do you get one? »» A step towards making this a reality: stifle the supply. “There is only a limited amount that makes it prestigious to own,” Stark says. As a result, the already reduced supply will only be available in the brand’s Miami boutique.

For a brand like Chrome Hearts, the Drake collaboration represents something new. Despite its rock and roll pedigree, the brand has grown among fashion heads like Virgil Abloh, Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott. Collaboration allows Chrome Hearts to be loved by a whole new generation of customers more interested in five-minute freestyles than long guitar solos. “The music of the moment… he’s king of it,” Stark said. “I always tell him, ‘You made me cool with my kids.'”

If you’ve got your eyes on a hoodie but can’t make it to Miami, you’re in luck – looks like this is just the start of a successful engagement. Stark calls the relationship between the two parties “a lifelong partnership”. “We always share ideas,” she says, “some get done and some don’t.” As Drake might say, “What’s next?”

Courtesy of Drake x Chrome Hearts

The Rolls-Royce will be on display at the Miami Institute of Contemporary Art museum until May 15. But make no mistake, it is Drake Rollers. In other words, if he manages to drive it without interruption. “He hasn’t been able to drive the car for over a year because the minute it’s on the road it’s pictured,” Stark says.


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