Many dimpled celebrities have stolen our hearts over time. Something about those adorable dimples makes them irresistibly cute. From John Abraham to Mathew McConaughey and Preity Zinta to Cheryl Cole, dimples add character and charm, making an already attractive face even more appealing.

How are dimples formed?

Have you ever wondered how the dimples form on your cheeks? Well, put it simply, dimples are the result of muscle strain. The shortened muscles are pulled when you smile, resulting in a hollow area that we have called “the dimple”. This is why we only see dimples when the person is smiling. When the muscles are relaxed, the skin appears normal and free from dimpling. Dimples are hereditary and if a parent has dimples, there is a good chance the children will have dimples as well.


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While it is not possible to get permanent dimples naturally, there are a few exercises you can do to encourage dimples that will stay temporarily. There are surgeries you can have to get permanent dimples, but if you want dimples without having to go under the knife, try these facial exercises.

Now let’s see how to get dimples naturally without surgery.

1. Vacuum your cheeks

Pull on your cheeks to create hollow cheeks. Do this daily for ten minutes. This exercise has had no proven results, so all we can say is that there is nothing wrong with trying to get dimples naturally.

dimple exercise

2. Press the cheeks with the index finger

Another facial exercise for getting dimples that is popular with those trying to get dimples naturally is to press your cheeks with your index fingers. Make sure to press where the dimples would normally occur if you had any. Keep pressing in place with your finger for five minutes. Release and smile and press again on the spot. Repeat this exercise for twenty minutes a day. This exercise did not have long term results, but you can get temporary indentation by doing this. So keep your phone ready to click on a selfie when the indentation is still visible.

press and hold for a natural dimple

3. Use the back of a pencil to create a hollow

Pencils that are not sharp, or the back of a pencil or pen, can be used to press on the cheeks at regular intervals. It will eventually hollow out the cheeks there and leave you with dimples.


4. Use makeup to create the illusion of a dimple

You can also use makeup to create the illusion of a dimple. To do this, dab some bronzer or brown eye shadow where you want your dimple to be. Blend it with your fingers until it blends completely into your skin, creating a shadow effect. Smile now to see if the illusion has worked.


5. Dimple drilling

If you don’t mind putting up with a little pain, then dimple piercing is your answer to the “how can I get dimples on my cheeks without surgery” question. But you have to keep in mind that there are possibilities of infection, so be sure to do your research thoroughly before opting for this option.

Dimple piercing is definitely a trendy way to get dimples, but it also comes with little risk. A number of things to keep in mind when getting a dimple piercing is to have a professional do it, clean your cheeks with antibacterial soap before starting the procedure, piercing tools must be new and a proper tracking procedure must be followed.

6. Fake dimple piercing

If you want temporary dimples in your cheeks or have dimples without surgery, get a fake piercing. Do your dimple exercises and try this hassle free way to get dimples on your cheeks.
Here are some celebrities with some very cute enviable dimples.

celebrities with dimples

Dimples are considered a mark of beauty in many cultures. While two dimples on either side of the cheeks are the most common, some people have dimples high on their cheeks, on the apple of their cheeks. Dimples like these are much less common, making them even more interesting and unique. This craze for dimples is not a new phenomenon. In 1936, Isabella Gilbert invented the dimple machine. This bizarre equipment would have been effective in creating two sharp dimples.

dimple machine

The only way to get permanent dimples is to have the operation or have the dimples pierced. Both of these options require expert supervision and should not be attempted unless you are absolutely one hundred percent sure of the risks involved and the results to be expected. And if you have natural dimples, flaunt them with a beautiful big smile! The world loves dimples and can’t get enough of them!

Hope you enjoyed this article on how to get dimples naturally.

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