Either way, Joe Biden is the first president to wear this historic watch


This week, for no particular reason, Joe Biden wore an Omega Speedmaster. On Saturday, the president strolled across the White House lawn to board Marine One for Camp David, and it was there on his wrist: the familiar black dial, the bezel filled with numbers and dashes (it’s is a tachometer, and can be used to measure distance for those who know what they are looking at) and holster with three push buttons. That small act made Biden the first sitting president to wear the Speedmaster, said writer Nick Gould. That may not seem like a big deal, given that watch nerd Joe Biden has already scored a few first timepieces for a POTUS: He was the first to wear an Apple Watch, and another president is unlikely. is also the owner of the Seiko Chronograph which he wears frequently. However, it is surprising that no other president has worn a Speedmaster given his place in American history.

When the United States kept John F. Kennedy’s promise to “go to the moon this decade and do the other things,” the astronauts on that mission wore Speedmasters. Neil Armstrong’s Omega Speedmaster is listed in the Smithsonian. No other watch is so inextricably linked to American exceptionalism and yet it escaped the wrists of all presidents until the age of 46. It probably won’t be the part of his legacy he’s most proud of, but Biden is probably already the best president ever chosen. watches corresponding to its position. It is at least Something! He first took office wearing a Rolex Datejust, which made history as the first Rolex ever worn by a president thanks to Dwight Eisenhower. Now he finally places the Speedy where it rightfully belongs. Also this week, a whole cast of heavy hitters: Drake, Ben Affleck, Tom Holland!

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Joe Biden’s Omega Speedmaster


For Omega, it surely seems a long time coming. The watch came close to a sitting president before, most notably in 1969 when, to commemorate the moon landing, the brand presented a gold version of the watch to Richard Nixon. However, Nixon refused the watch because of its value: US presidents are not legally allowed to accept expensive gifts (in 2014, the limit was $ 375). This was obviously not a problem for Biden, who has owned this watch since at least the fall of 2017, when he wore it during a shoot for In the style.

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Drake’s Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster

What remains to be said about Drake’s watch collection? The rapper doesn’t even bother to repeat one of his ultra-precious watches anymore. The last piece he took off his sleeve was this absolutely crazy Rolex Pearlmaster. The set coin is also not something concocted in the aftermarket. No, he left the factory wearing those blue, green, and yellow sapphires.

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Tom Holland’s Tag Heuer Monaco Titan

Spider-Man is far from home. In Monaco, for the Grand Prix, to be exact. Its thematic dressing was perfect: Monaco, the Netherlands wore Tag Heuer’s special edition watch bearing the name of the race. The exceptional square watch has been remade in titanium and features an elegant silver and black dial. Check out this piece to learn more about the “standard Monaco wearing a tuxedo”.


Ben Affleck’s Franck Muller Curvex

Affleck’s watch was at the center of a watchmaking mystery this week. Was this the same watch Jennifer Lopez gave her in the “Jenny From the Block” video? And if so, who did it? The answers, as we now know, are “yes” and Franck Muller. The Franck Muller Curvex is a fitting piece to bring back feelings of nostalgia from the late 90s and early 2000s. The brand’s very complicated pieces, funky designs and distinctive barrel-shaped watches were a highlight. basic element at the start – think of them as spiritual predecessors of Richard Mille’s wacky creations. The brand was loved by celebrities, including, apparently, the two Bennifer’s members.

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IWC Portofino by John Krasinski

Promote a film like the A Quiet Place, Part II requires a silent watch – Krasinski knows it’s best not to draw too much attention to yourself, whether or not supersonic-hearing monsters are on the move. The Portofino hits the mark: the simple white dial and gold indexes of the watch are intended only to enhance any outfit to which it is invited. It was a smart move for Krasinski as he bounced across the country for the premiere of his new film. He only needed one watch to pair it with his quarter-zip polo shirts, striped silk shirts and tropical leafy buttons.


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