The popularity of yoga as the ultimate means of fitness for the mind and body needs no testimony. Considered a tough diet, it has been adapted to various methods accessible and popular in modern times to make it a workable option even for beginners. One of these styles of yoga is Iyengar yoga! Described as a style of Hatha yoga, it is becoming an extremely popular style to adopt for anyone first venturing into yoga for fitness. Let us understand its various aspects and its specialty.

Iyengar yoga accessories


Defining Iyengar Yoga

Developed by BKS Iyengar, this style of yoga has been made much easier and more accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels with various accessories such as straps, wooden blocks, bolsters, etc. With an emphasis on alignment, each pose is easily tailored to fit your own body. Using the various Iyengar yoga accessories allows you to easily assume any yoga pose with more ease and stability and gradually transition to more difficult poses with more flexibility and strength. Like all forms of exercise, it also has its levels and if you are a beginner in yoga, you are advised to practice Iyengar yoga for beginners first and then move on to advanced levels.

Iyengar yoga for beginners

Iyengar yoga exercises are unique in that they are characterized by various poses and Pranayama with emphasis on the proper and planned sequence of various asanas with precision of alignment, perfect timing as well as the use of various accessories.

Benefits of Iyengar yoga

Whether or not you’ve been a fitness enthusiast before, you can easily adapt to this form of yoga. It is also the most recommended form of yoga to adapt to the elderly, to a suffering and weak body, and even if you have suffered any type of injury. This is due to the less muscle tension and the increased support available here. Regular practice of Iyengar yoga asanas provides you with many benefits. Some of them are: –

1. Ideal and accessible to all

Assuming any of the yoga poses is easy even if you are not that young and not as flexible and healthy as you want. Due to the various props, you can easily take Iyengar yoga poses and hang onto it with the help of various props. So even a person in their 80s to 90s can perform it with great ease.


Best Iyengar Yoga Poses

2. Precise alignment

One of the main points of interest in Iyengar yoga poses is correct alignment. Because of this, the muscles in your body responsible for postures like back, trunk, and legs become stronger and energized. As a result, postural issues are corrected and you can stand straighter and stronger!

Iyengar yoga asanas

3. Versatility in the classroom

This is perhaps one of the most attractive features of the Iyengar classes. As a natural human tendency, you certainly start to get bored of performing the same sequence of exercises every day. However, Iyengar yoga has a diversity of practice which ensures that no two sessions are the same. The poses can be repeated but the sequencing keeps changing. The advantage of this approach is that it prevents both overuse and injury of all muscles and ends up being therapeutic in nature. It keeps both your mind and body energized while fueling your expectation of being challenged with every session.

4. Breathing and meditation in action

While practicing the Iyengar yoga poses and paying attention to alignment, you should also focus on your breathing. One interesting aspect that many of us don’t realize is that we often hold our breath during times of stress and anxiety. Consciously practicing breathing exercises here causes you to lose the tendency to hold the breath which ensures better oxygen delivery throughout the body. This then helps you to the next level which is meditation and facilitates your efforts to focus the mind, body and breath for a sublime experience.

Benefits of Iyengar yoga

5. Pain relief with increased flexibility

The practice of Iyengar yoga does not require that you are fit enough to easily touch your toes with your nose on your knees. Instead, it’s a slow, gentle practice with proper prop support that gets you there with gentle stretches. Thus, maintaining the posture in this manner protects you from any pain or injury. Simultaneously, with emphasis on alignment, it gently stretches the muscles to relieve all body pain. It is particularly effective for neck and back pain resulting from poor posture, sagging, hunching, etc. Apart from that, you get all the other general benefits that come with practicing yoga.

Iyengar yoga exercises

Practicing Iyengar yoga will help you reap all its benefits and adopt a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Do you agree? Ring below!

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