Everything you need to know about jojoba oil, explained

When it comes to skin care, there always seems to be a hot new ingredient around. Does anyone remember the salmon milt? The last ingredient It? Humble jojoba oil, harvested from the seeds of a North American bush, is a versatile oil that has withstood trends and the test of time. Rose Ingleton, a New York-based board-certified dermatologist, frequently recommends jojoba oil to her patients. (The Jamaican-born derm also has its own skincare line, enriched with superfruits from its native house). Here are the five reasons she loves him so much:

It’s like human sebum (and that’s a good thing).

It may be strange to think that the oil obtained by pressing jojoba seeds is so close to those produced by the human body, but nature is wild! “This means it can actually absorb into the skin rather than sit on it like most oils,” explains Ingleton.

Sensitive skin will love it.

“If your skin is particularly sensitive and irritated by the active ingredients, pure jojoba oil is a good option for hydrating your skin,” she adds. Anyone who suffers from eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, or just plain old delicate skin can benefit from applying golden oil to their face and body.

You can really use it anywhere.

Hair, cuticles, even to soothe chapped lips, jojoba can be an experience for the whole body. Ingleton’s tip for maximum hydration and absorption? “As with any oil, applying it to slightly damp skin and hair will always work best.”

No clogged pores here!

Jojoba oil’s biosimilarity to human sebum means that it is non-comedogenic. “Acne-prone skin types may also benefit from certain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties,” adds Ingleton. (Hint: coconut oil is comedogenic, so jojoba oil is better if you’re looking for an oil-based makeup remover.)

It plays well with harder ingredients.

Retinol? Don’t be afraid to use jojoba oil in your routine. “Because jojoba oil helps with dryness and irritation, it’s great for pairing with prescription topicals or retinol serums,” says Ingleton. She suggests using the Retxurizing Retinol Booster Serum from her own line (which has been named Clean by Sephora).

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