Eyewear icon Jeff Goldblum designed his own eyewear

Jeff Goldblum is known for a lot of things. There’s the acting, of course, and also the enthusiastic, eccentric personality that goes with it. There’s his jazz band, and his cheerfully weird personal style. Another thing the legendary Renaissance man is known for? Its long-standing affinity for trendy eyewear. So, naturally, Goldblum teamed up with one of the top labels in the eyewear game, Los Angeles-based Jacques Marie Mage, for a trio of limited edition frames.

Courtesy of Jacques Marie Mage

Founded in 2015, Jacques Marie Mage makes bold, oversized frames loved by high powered Hollywood types and anyone who favors glasses that push the envelope. (GQ styled both Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt in the brand’s products.) To say Goldblum is a fan of the brand might be an understatement. He’s been wearing the frames for years and isn’t shy about calling the brand his favorite eyewear company. A collaboration between the two is therefore a natural choice.

Courtesy of Jacques Marie Mage

The “Jeff” frame, a chunky silhouette with balanced details, co-designed by the man himself, comes in three different colourways, including two optical styles and a pair of sunglasses. True to form, the “Jeff” is available in black and tortoiseshell, and each is handcrafted in Japan with premium materials and limited to an edition of 500.

Courtesy of Jacques Marie Mage

When it comes to eyewear, you can trust Goldblum. He’s worn just about every style in the sun, from tinted lenses and clear frames to giant silhouettes. And during his decades-long career in the spotlight, his glasses shots far outweigh his failures. So if you’re in the market for a new pair of frames, maybe lean on the combination of quirky charm and premium style that only frames designed by Goldblum can deliver.

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