Fans demand conversion of Kishore Kumar’s ancestral home to national heritage


Fans and officials paid tribute to Kishore Kumar on his 92nd birthday on Wednesday by offering milk and jalebis, the legendary singer’s favorite dish, to his samadhi near his hometown of Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh .

Fans have also called for the late singer’s ancestral home in Khandwa to be converted into national heritage.

Kishore kumar Fans of Kishore Kumar paid tribute to the legendary singer who passed away on his birthday. (Photo: Express Archives)


“Kishore da was a Bharat Ratna in its own sense. Instead, his dilapidated house should be converted into a national heritage, ”said Kishore Prerna Manch spokesperson Sunil Jain, when asked about the application to bestow India’s highest civilian honor for the versatile singer-actor.

Kishore kumar was born in the town of Khandwa on August 4, 1929.

The 200-year-old property is in a dilapidated state due to a dispute between members of the Ganguly family (original last name of famous actor brothers Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar and Anoop Kumar), sources associated with the house Ganguly in the Bombay Bazaar area of ​​said Khandwa city.

kishore kumar Kishore Kumar died on October 13, 1987 (Photo: Express Archive)

Among fans, Pune-based actor-director Jagdish Gayakwad, who visits Khandwa every year on Kumar’s birthday, said, “I grew up listening and singing Kishore’s songs. Da and I earn my bread and butter by singing his Songs. “


A large number of fans also came to the samadhi memorial to pay their respects.

Khandwa collector Anay Dwivedi and police superintendent Vivek Singh also offered floral tributes.


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