Friends meeting: Internet users can’t forget Cindy Crawford in Ross Geller’s leather pants


As Friends meeting Took us back in time to relive some moving moments from the show, he also revisited some memorable costumes, except this time it had celebrities rather than the original cast.

One of those costumes was Ross Geller’s tight-fitting leather pants that he couldn’t put on on a date. Worn by David Schwimmer on the show, the pants made a comeback with Cindy Crawford hitting the ramp during the Friends meeting fashion show.

The supermodel paired the pants with an oversized button-down shirt. Needless to say, fans were thrilled to see the iconic pants. “Thanks to #FriendsReunion for gifting us with Cindy Crawford in Ross’s black leather pants,” one social media user wrote.


Another expressed: “I liked it! I was so glad to see Cindy crawford to Ross’ leather Pants! “

Here are some other reactions:

Meanwhile, model Cara Delevingne gained a lot of joy when she appeared in Rachel Green’s bridesmaid dress, worn on the show by Jennifer Anniston. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, rocked Ross’s iconic potato-shaped Spudnik costume. Not to mention Matt LeBlanc who really stole the fashion show when he did lunges wearing all of Chandler Bing’s clothes.

cara delevingne, meeting of friends Cara Delevingne wearing Rachel Green’s bridesmaid dress as she posed with Justin Bieber in her Spudnik costume and Maggie Wheeler aka Janice from Friends. (Source: caradelevingne / Instagram)

What is your favorite costume from Friends?


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