Full timeline of Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky relationship


Rihanna, 33, is officially off the market. The singer-turned-mogul is dating longtime friend A $ AP Rocky, 32. The two have been friends since A $ AP joined Rihanna’s Diamond Tour in 2013. The singer also appeared in A $ AP’s music video “Fashion Killa” later in the year.

Rumors of a romance between A $ AP and Rihanna began shortly after Rihanna split from billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel in January 2020, after three years together. A source said People then that “their lives were too different and it was difficult to maintain a relationship.” Shortly after their split, Rihanna was spotted more often with A $ AP Rocky. A $ AP had already dated Kendall Jenner in 2016; their relationship ended in 2017

Rihanna and A $ AP have yet to verbally confirm their relationship, but their PDA-filled observation speaks volumes. Here’s everything we know about the powerful couple, from when they were supposed to be dating for the first time to their recent date night in April 2021.


December 2019

On December 2, the couple walked the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards in London. Rihanna wore a mint green satin Fenty dress with matching gloves and wrap, paired with a choker necklace set with diamonds. A $ AP sported an all-black tuxedo with sneakers. Janet Jackson presented Rihanna’s first fashion award for her Urban Luxe nomination.

2019 fashion awards red carpet arrivals

Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky at the Fashion Awards in London

Samir husseinGetty Images


January 2020

Rihanna and A $ AP sparked tabloid dating rumors days after her split from Hassan Jameel was reported. According to Entertainment tonight, Rihanna and A $ AP attended the Yams Day Benefit Concert in Brooklyn together.

A source suggested the two were dating The sun, stating at the UK outlet, “they really enjoy each other’s company and take it easy because it’s still early days.”

A little after The sunthe report is out, E! stop the romance speculation. A source told E !, “Rihanna is single. She has just come out of a long, intense relationship with Hassan. She wants to be single and is not going to get into something. She is dating A $ AP Rocky, but she is. is not dating him They have a long history and she is having fun.

july 2020

Months after dating rumors were initially denied, A $ AP appeared alongside Rihanna in the Fenty Skin cameo commercial. The ad also featured Lil Nas X, Tommy Genesis, and Halima Aden.

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Rihanna interviewed the “Everyday” rapper in a GQ Youtube video. A $ AP answered questions about her skincare routine, retro outfits, and Fenty Skin. Asked about the hardest part of working with Rihanna, the rapper said, “I think the hardest part of working with you isn’t giggling and laughing all the time. Like, that shit is shit. comedy. A $ AP continued, “The hard part is not having too much fun. You just forget it’s always work at the end of the day.”

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november 2020

On November 28, the alleged couple were spotted with a group of friends at the Beatrice Inn in New York City. According to Sixth page, both were “sitting discreetly behind a curtain”.

A few days later, People has confirmed that Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky are officially dating. The source did not provide details on the couple’s timeline or the seriousness of their relationship.

december 2020

On December 1, a source gave Entertainment tonight details on Rihanna’s relationship with A $ AP.

“They’ve always had amazing chemistry, and Rihanna reports to A $ AP, and that’s [their relationship] feels natural, easy and fun, ”the source said. “She feels very comfortable with him since they’ve known each other for so long and also feels a connection with him because her father is from Barbados.”

According to People, the couple had been inseparable for weeks. A source told the outlet that “it’s a new relationship, but they both seem very interested.” A $ AP’s lifestyle as a famous musician worked with Rihanna’s. “They always seemed to have a good time together,” the source said. “They have a lot in common.”

Us weekly reported that rapper “Goldie” “has been very attached to Rihanna for years and has always been the instigator of their flirtatious relationship,” according to a source. The source also mentioned that Rihanna would “push back his advances and keep him in the friends zone” until now.

“Things changed over the summer and they finally hooked up. They’ve been together ever since, We’the source said.

The couple got more serious as the Grammy-nominated rapper flew to Barbados to join Rihanna and her family for the holidays. According to People, the couple spent Christmas together.

Entertainment tonight was told by a source that “spending Christmas together was an obvious step” for their relationship. The source said being long-time friends makes it possible to “get along, travel together and become fully involved in each other’s lives.” They always have such a great time together and definitely seem to be in love. “

On December 24, the low-key couple were photographed by paparazzi in Barbados. TMZ shared a photo of the couple holding hands as they made their way to the pier, apparently confirming their relationship.

Later that month, the paparazzi caught some more affectionate moments between the new couple. Rihanna and A $ AP were spotted kissing while enjoying their catamaran cruise, according to TMZ. The outlet shared a video of the pair of jet skis and tubes alongside Rihanna’s friends.

January 2021

On January 18, the couple and their friends celebrated Yams Day, an annual celebration of the late friend and business partner of A $ AP Rocky, A $ AP Yam, who died in 2015. E! reported details of the night as the couple arrived separately.

“Rihanna arrived with a group of friends and met A $ AP Rocky there,” a source told the outlet. “They entered the restaurant through different doors and tried to be discreet. A $ AP Rocky entered behind a bodyguard and quickly hid inside. Once everyone arrived they sat down with a group of friends.

The source said the group had dinner and shared stories throughout the evening: “There was a lot of food going around the table and laughter was coming from inside. They stayed for more than two hours before leaving separately. Rihanna and A $ AP left separately.

April 2021

The couple made a rare sighting in Los Angeles on April 12. The paparazzi photographed the couple leaving dinner at Delilah’s in matching leather outfits. Rihanna wore a brown leather coat and A $ AP wore a paid black leather jacket with leather pants. It was confirmation that their romance was still present a year after the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

celebrity sightings in los angeles on april 12, 2021

MEGAGetty Images

May 2021

In one GQ interview, Rocky spoke for the first time about his relationship with the Barbadian singer. In the interview, he called Rihanna “the love of my life” and “my lady”.

The rapper didn’t share when the two started their relationship, but he did discuss what it’s like to date Rihanna compared to playing on the pitch. It’s “so much better when you have the One.” She probably represents, like, a million other people, ”Rocky said. “I think when you know, you know. It’s the right one.”

He also referred to their trip together to Barbados while on vacation. “It was crazy. I always imagined what it would be like for my father before he came to America. And I got to visit these places, and believe it or not, and there was something nostalgic about it. It was foreign but familiar, ”he said.

June 2021

On June 23, the couple were pictured kissing at Barcade in New York City, a rare public PDA moment for them. Rihanna wore a sheer pink high-leg slit dress with a hot pink fur hat. Rocky wore a leather jacket, a brown tank top and leather pants. Later that night, the paparazzi captured the couple leaving the scene as Rihanna wore Rocky’s leather coat with her arms around her.

Days later, TMZ posted a video of the couple showing one of Rocky’s big gestures for his wife. TMZ posted Rocky sweeping Rihanna off her feet as he transported her to New York’s Lower East Side. According to the media outlet, the couple spent the night and early in the morning partying together.

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