Georgia May Jagger Helped Me Dye My Hair Pink To Appear In The World


Hair transformations were my pandemic hobby. First, I lifted my nearly black locks up to my waist into a shiny blonde vitamin C serum at the hands of famous colorist and genius Jenna Perry. Then I cut everything and started studying vintage hairdressing books to hone my wet set skills. (I’m using Lauren Bacall’s pattern and T3 hot rollers.)

Of course, there were plenty of space buns, hair masks, twists, and chunky claw clips in between. For my final act, I go anti-natural, a shade of pink that only Barbie could dream of, with help from Georgia May Jagger, co-owner of Bleach London.

One glance at Bleach London’s Instagram account, and it’s easy to see why a date at one of the three UK-based salons is so coveted. Founder and color alchemist Alex Brownsnell has perfected her work on the bright blondes and super saturated color combinations she dreams of in the living room. Her clients are the cream of the crop, including Isamaya Ffrench, FKA Twigs, Lara Stone and (obviously) Jagger. The show has finally landed in the United States and is opening its flagship store in West Hollywood this month.


Jagger, who is now part owner of the brand, hopped on FaceTime with me to discuss all things bleach and the essential components of a successful home dye job.

“This is so exciting!” she laughed. “I know Alex [Brownsnell] done those kind of consultations with people, but this is my very first, “Jagger says.” The first time I came home with colored hair, I think my parents were totally shocked. But now they are waiting for him. So I’m going to have lunch with my dad and have a mullet, and he says ‘okay!’ “

Jagger is no stranger to the home dye job, either: in the midst of a pandemic, she tinkered with a playful half-blue, half-purple job on Instagram live.

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For me, my current hair situation – a very mature blonde – meant that everything we dreamed of would be more of an ombre situation. “I love that you go for the hottest pink,” Jagger said after selecting Gobby Pink, the same shade she dyed her hair for a very ton-on-tone moment at the British Fashion Awards in 2018.


“Okay, now let’s talk about how to smoosh,” she added as I looked… puzzled. (No, it’s not a fun British term like kissing, but more on kissing later.)

Below is everything I learned from Jagger, so you can dye your hair at home:

Check your kit.

Your tools are essential to a successful dye job: a hand mirror (you have to check the back of your head!), Gloves, petroleum jelly for your hair, a towel or two that you are not afraid to destroy and many clamps. If you’re nervous about dyeing at home and Jagger isn’t your guru, Bleach has a hotline you can call for advice and a tour.

Gobby Rose Super Cool Color

Bleach London

$ 12.50

Welcome to the summer of semi-permanent dye.

“The best thing about the bleach colors is that Alex figured out leaching,” Jagger gushes. “Usually a stain looks great at first, then fades into something terrible.” Bleach stains are semi-permanent, which means they gradually change color slightly lighter with each wash. “Try to wash your head as evenly as possible,” she adds. “That way the color says uniform.”

it’s about the smoosh.

“Alex’s technique is to rub,” Jagger shares. “Place the product in the palm of your hand, then you’re going to place a small section of your hair on it and use your other palm to rub the product into your hair. Then you’ll comb them all the way through, smoothing out each strand of hair. “

Wear gloves and do not insist (too much) on the stained skin.

While you wait for the dye to harden (it takes 30 minutes), Jagger suggests I multitask by rubbing a stray dye that has spread to my neck and forearms. “Dish soap and a kitchen sponge are my secret thing,” she shares. Instead, I went for something closer (i.e. about 12 inches in my shower), the Necessary Body Scrub. It is a combined chemical and physical exfoliant that removes all razor burn and keratosis pilaris and also quickly erases all pink streaks.

Live for revelation.

I waited until we were back on FaceTime before taking my new pink look at my locks. We both screamed – literally – and I couldn’t believe how bright and bold the color is. “Now that’s a fun summer glow.”

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