Grace Elizabeth returns to fashion and life as a new mom

model grace elizabeth in a hooded dress

Hooded dress, Alaïa.

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Model Grace Elizabeth poses in a leotard and sheer skirt

Top, $1,700, swimsuit, $750, skirt, $3,650, earrings, $725, necklaces, from $1,375, bracelets, $2,275 each, ballet flats, $1,225, Chanel .

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model grace elizabeth wears a red cape dress and sneakers

Dress, sneakers, $590, Loewe.

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Grace Elizabeth has her mother to thank for her modeling career. With her encouragement, the Lake City, Florida native started out in childhood pageants and graduated to modeling ball gowns in mall runways. Before long, the two were squealing with joy upon seeing his face on a Sunset Boulevard billboard. They became a duo, traveling the world, staying in tiny hotel rooms. Things kicked into high gear when super stylist Katie Grand cast Grace Elizabeth for a Miu Miu show, which led to a Magazine V cover, Chanel campaigns and a flourishing career on the catwalks.

model grace elizabeth in a white ensemble

Cropped turtleneck, tank top, bra, skirt, Givenchy.

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    Grace Elizabeth sits in a yellow tulle dress wearing patent leather wedge heels

    Dress, choker, $1,290, bracelets, $1,190 each, Alexander McQueen. Rigs, Nodaleto, $705.

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    Grace Elizabeth wears a white bodysuit, floaty skirt and heeled boots

    Bodysuit, $1,295, skirt, $970, hat, $280, choker, $140, boots, $2,575, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini.

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      Now 24, the model recently became a mother herself, welcoming son Noah last February. The downturn in the fashion pandemic allowed her longer than usual maternity leave. “I have to pause and reassess, as a person, what is valuable to me,” says Grace Elizabeth. “What are my priorities outside of fashion? What kind of person am I? What are the things that interest me? When she returned, it was with a new goal: to become an advocate for ovarian cancer awareness. Inspired by her mother, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2018, Grace Elizabeth has raised funds, posted on her social media platforms and participated in walks. “I saw her undergo treatment, a short remission, return to treatment. I have seen what cancer itself does to the body, what chemo does to the body and mental state. It’s heartbreaking,” she says, adding that “it’s such a rare cancer that there isn’t enough funding.”

      grace elizabeth wears cropped sweater and briefs

      Sweater, $1,200, briefs, Miu Miu.

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      model grace elizabeth poses with hoop in shorts and sports top

      Top, $680, shorts, $635, earrings, $330, choker, $290, sandals, $890, Isabel Marant.

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      grace elizabeth poses on a ball wearing a red top, skort and toe shoes

      Top, $2,190, skort, $1,750, Prada. Pointe shoes, Stanlowa, $97.

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      Becoming a new mom with her husband, Nicolas Krause, was the highlight of her life, says Grace Elizabeth in her endearing Southern accent. “I think I was born to be a mom. Everything I have, I pour out happily,” she says of Noah. “It’s so amazing to see him experience the world for the first time. What can be ordinary to us fascinates him. We can see everything again, see the beauty of things. As the fashion world woke up and she went back to work, adapting to her little travel companion has been relatively easy (“He’s an amazing traveler, knock on wood.”) What was harder to deal with were the complicated new feelings about her career and motherhood. “Mom’s guilt is very real. I think a lot of women don’t talk about it often because they’re afraid of being judged or just [dealing with] self-inflicted guilt,” she says. “I feel guilty having fun when I’m away or at work or having that moment of time to myself. Then I also feel guilty for not being there, that maybe he needs me or that I am missing something, because every day he learns something new.

      model grace elizabeth poses in front of a red well, wearing a black bodysuit, stole and heels

      Bodysuit, $3,590, stole, $1,190, Balenciaga.

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      model grace elizabeth wears striped marni dress

      Dress, Marni, $1,290. Thigh high boots, Courrèges, $905.

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      model grace elizabeth wears black and white bodysuit and jacket

      Jacket, $5,495, bodysuit, $8,445, sandals, $945, Dolce & Gabbana.

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      What’s given her much-needed peace is being part of a baby boom in the fashion world, giving her a group of mothers she can talk openly about parenting. She and her friend, photographer Zoey Grossman, who has twins, “are able to talk about postpartum struggles and what it’s like to be a new mom. gigi [Hadid], Emily [Ratajkowski]— our children are about the same age,” she says. “We don’t have to beat around the bush and say, ‘Oh no, that’s wonderful.’ Because as wonderful as it is, as grateful as we are, it’s very difficult.

      model grace elizabeth wears off shoulder sweater, briefs and cage skirt

      Sweater, $990, briefs, $450, Michael Kors Collection. Cage skirt, Heather Huey, $1,450.

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        model grace elizabeth wears royal blue catsuit and jewelry

        Catsuit, $3,590, earrings, $1,090, bracelets, sandals, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

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        model grace elizabeth wears black feathered hat and dress

        Dress, Max Mara, $6,990. Hat, Laurence Bossion, $740.

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        These friendships have been essential to her confidence and happiness and have helped shape a message she wants to share with other mothers. “You feel like you’re failing all the time, even when you’re not. The hormonal flow is crazy. It’s ups and downs,” she said. “I don’t think there’s a lot of conversation around [the] postpartum [period] because there is guilt with it. It’s okay to feel angry or lonely or tired and confused, or feel like you’re doing something wrong, or just want to be a little selfish with your time, take 15 more minutes in the shower .

        model grace elizabeth wears sleeveless dress and platform sandals

        Dress, Chloe, $3,250. Necklace, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, $995. Platforms, Vivienne Westwood, $615.

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        Model Grace Elizabeth wears bodysuit and heels

        Bodysuit, leggings, choker, sandals, $800, Burberry.

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        Model Grace Elizabeth wears a voluminous dress and heeled boots

        Hooded dress, boots, $1,780, Alaïa.

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        Grace Elizabeth poses in a ballet-style dress and toe shoes

        Bodysuit dress, Giorgio Armani. Pointe shoes, Stanlowa.

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        While she understands everything, she looks forward with hope. She is delighted with the return of fashion and the new adventures that parenthood will give her. She also dreams of an acting career and has taken classes, read about acting, and self-recorded. “Walking through all these shows, it was so amazing to be back in this crazy chaos. Of course, with a little more care and generosity and a little more humanity. Motherhood has been absolutely amazing, and I’m a very lucky woman,” she said, adding, “and I hope you see me on the big screen soon.

        model grace elizabeth poses on the cover of her in a red dress

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        Hairstyle by Laurent Philippon at Bryant Artists; Makeup by Stéphane Marais; Manicure by Alexandra Janowski at Artlist Paris; Cast by Shaun Beyen at Plus Three Two; Scenography by Samira Salmi at Swan Management; Produced by Clement Camaret in Brachfeld.

        This article originally appeared in the February 2022 issue of ELLE.

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