Hansal Mehta responds as fan asks if he would work with Kangana Ranaut again: ‘Definitely’


Director Hansal Mehta spoke to his followers on Monday in a Q&A on Instagram, where he was asked if he would work with Kangana Ranaut again, who he reportedly had spinoffs after their film. 2017 Simran. The director has often referred to the difficult experience he had while filming the film, which was his first collaboration with the actor.

Earlier this year, he called the film a mistake, in a tweet. Kangana then wrote to him that she “was standing by his side and now he was saying that”. During the question-and-answer session, answering the follower’s question, Hansal said, “Best wishes, certainly.

hansal mehta kangana ranaut Hansal Mehta answered a question from a subscriber on Kangana Ranaut. (Photo: Hansal Mehta / Instagram)
hansal mehta rajkummar rao Hansal Mehta has always spoken fondly of Rajkummar Rao. (Photo: Hansal Mehta / Instagram)


Among other questions posed to the director of Scam 1992 was to describe his frequent collaborator Rajkummar Rao in three words, to which Hansal replied: “My favorite person”. The director also shared the subject he wants to make a movie about. “I want to make a movie about mature relationships.” Of the kind of story he never sees himself told, Hansal replied, “I don’t see myself doing HORROR.”

hansal mehta Hansal Mehta did a question-and-answer session with his Instagram followers. (Photo: Hansal Mehta / Instagram)
hansal mehta pratik gandhi Hansal Mehta spoke about the casting of Pratik Gandhi in Scam 1992. (Photo: Hansal Mehta / Instagram)

Hansal Mehta has enjoyed a career record since the release of Scam 1992 last year. The SonyLIV series based on the life of controversial broker Harshad Mehta was a smash hit. It also catapulted actor Pratik Gandhi to stardom when he first screened in Hindi. When a disciple asked how he convinced the producers of the show to start Pratik, Hansal replied, “They trusted me. I am grateful to them. Scam 1992 was produced by Applause Entertainment. New to Hindi cinema, Pratik Gandhi has been starring in Gujarati films and has been acting for over 15 years now.



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