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After a long career spent as the butt of Marvel fan jokes, Clint Barton’s Hawkeye is finally gearing up to hand over the baton, but not before he tries to prove his worth in one final film screening. He’s more than the guy with the arrows, guys. He’s the guy with the arrows and his own TV show.

The Disney + series Hawk Eye is scheduled to premiere this fall, and if Black WidowThe post-credits scene is one indication the show could be one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 installments yet. As always, Disney and Marvel are keeping plot details close to the chest, but here’s how little we know so far.

When Hawk Eye broadcast on Disney +?

Marvel has confirmed that Hawk Eye will be broadcast at the end of 2021. If the series follows in the footsteps of Loki, episodes are likely to fall on the streaming platform every week every Wednesday morning.


Who is in the cast?

Jeremy Renner is confirmed to return as the Avenger archer, but he will be joined by several new faces, including Hailee Steinfield (Dickinson) like his protege, Kate Bishop. Florence Pugh will return as Yelena Belova; Vera Farmiga will play Eleanor Bishop; Alaqua Cox will face Maya Lopez, aka Echo, a deaf superhero and member of the Cheyenne Nation; and Fra Fee will play an unknown character named Kazi. Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon and Brian d’Arcy James will also make appearances.

What will be Hawk Eye wear on?

The only details revealed so far are that the show will be an “adventure series in which Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, passes the torch to Kate Bishop,” according to Variety. But for those with a keen eye for design and a more than fleeting knowledge of Marvel Comics, there is reason to speculate more.

In a clip Renner shared to Instagram from San Diego Comic Con in 2019, you can capture a few seconds of Hawk Eyecredits, sketched in a style very similar to the drawings by David Aja and Annie Wu from 2012-2015 Hawk Eye directed by Aja, Wu and writer Matt Fraction.



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It might surprise some MCU fans to learn that this Hawk Eye run was one of Marvel’s most popular comic book series at the time, so much so that legions of fans have declared Hawkeye one of their favorite heroes. As Weekly entertainment reported, “The book exploded and, in turn, Marvel’s sales skyrocketed, drastically changing the way its comics were received.”

If Disney + Hawk Eye takes design ideas from the Fraction race, it’s likely the show will draw story concepts as well. If so, we could have a much more humanized version of Clint Barton – a flawed, sometimes even clumsy hero with a penchant for spilled coffee and disappointing his sidekick, who fights by his side despite everything against petty criminals. . While Barton from the MCU has a family (and therefore will require a level of maturity that Barton from Fraction did not have), we could at least get a Lucky the Pizza Dog cameo. This idea alone is worth listening to.

How will be Black Widow bind in Hawk Eye?

Black WidowThe post-credits scene features an interesting moment in which Fontaine’s mysterious Contessa Valentina Allegra (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) appears alongside Pugh’s Yelena Belova at Natasha Romanoff’s grave. She asks Yelena if she would like revenge on the man responsible for Natasha’s death, then shows the young assassin a photo of Clint Barton. Of course, we I know Clint actively fought to keep Natasha alive during this pivotal scene of Avengers: Endgame. But Yelena has no idea.

Since Pugh is confirmed to appear in Hawk Eye, this tease suggests that Yelena will not appear in the Disney + series as an immediate ally. In fact, there’s a good chance she’s playing the main villain of the show. But until Disney finally loosens its lips and drops more details, we’ll have to come up with theories.

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