Here is: A Solange Fashion Award!


Passage is Solange’s first film since the captivating of 2019 When I come back home, and the midrange is clearly one of its strong points. “I have been a long-time fan of Wu Tsang’s work, and being able to work alongside him, the Saint Heron team and all of the amazing artists and designers in the film really reinforces the ethos of collaboration and common creative exchange that wants us to continue to embody, ”Knowles said in a statement.

Late last month, Knowles announced plans to expand Saint Heron, a platform she launched in 2013 to promote black artists, into a full-fledged agency. “Over time, whether through album illustrations, scenographies or performances, I have always tried to create visual work that encompasses expressions that my other works cannot communicate,” he said. she told Artnet. “And so the next evolution is for Saint Heron to be able to expand this work through a wider range of collaborations and projects.” The film marks the first product of this new venture.

Courtesy of the International Woolmark Prize.

The Woolmark finalists are some of the most talked about young talent in the industry, frequently verified by young fashion connoisseurs. The film, somewhere between a music video and a Fashion Week showcase, is a powerful entry into this long year of fashion designers trying to navigate the new standard of video media. And Knowles is one of the few popular artists working today whose every movement seems designed to expand her pool of collaborators and play with the inaccessible or the unusual. She’s up to something more than just spreading her fairy dust on her partners, as celebrities often do when called upon to collaborate with brands. Lately, fashion multimedia projects have been stuffed with the same star castings and designed by a similar list of names, making too many fashion campaigns and videos indistinguishable from one another. Knowles’ dedication to originality, not to mention his familiarity with the art world, which far exceeds that of the average celebrity of his stature, could really shake up the format.



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