Here is another super colorful Zodiac watch that will surely sell


The watch: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf’s Aquamarine Dream

The best thing about this watch: It looks like one of Poseidon’s treasures.

The backstory: In recent months, watch brands have started to saturate their flagship models with color. Rolex made Day-Dates in Wonka colors, Tag Heuer sold a green Monaco in an instant, and the new Cartier Tanks look like lifted rectangles of a Mondrian. To these folks, the Zodiac watch brand might say: Welcome to the party. Make no mistake, Zodiac produces a lot of nice, conservative pieces, but the brand is probably best known for their perennial takes on their Super Sea Wolf model. In his archives are an orange and blue colorway inspired by “Gulf Oil”, another named “Watermelon Candy” and another that looks like an orange cream. These colorful limited editions always sold. Now, in collaboration with Ariel Adams, the founder of the watchmaking site ABlogtoWatch, Zodiac launches a dreamy Caribbean-themed watch, which showcases seafoam blue and green. The colors are inspired by a trip Adams took to the Bahamas, where he took photos of the seabed and shared them with Zodiac as benchmarks for the piece. The indexes and hands are rounded to reproduce the smooth stones that cool under water, while the caseback is engraved with the phrase “I prefer to swim”.

ZOD3856063Courtesy of Zodiac
ZOD3856063Courtesy of Zodiac

This watch counts in the world of watches because: Even though the fashion and sneaker industries are obsessed with big-name partnerships and celebrity collaborations, many watch brands prefer to keep their own businesses. Collaborations between watch brands and the sites responsible for writing about them are becoming commonplace in the industry: Hodinkee now has a wide range of partnerships with everyone, from Omega to Swatch, Fratello recently released an article with Rado, and Revolution has a new Polo Bear watch with Ralph Lauren. For watch brands, there are few better potential collaborators than those who obsessively cover their pieces. Many watchmakers are receptive to feedback from the collecting community – and who could be more in touch with these desires than the collectors themselves? These are collectors ‘and collectors’ watches.

Courtesy of Zodiac

Ariel Adams 🤝 The little Mermaid Sebastian: Honey, it’s better where it’s wetter, under the sea.

Where and when to buy it: The new limited edition Super Sea Wolf ($ 1,495) is now available on the Zodiac website.


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