Here’s what the next era of Drake will likely look like


Drake, what’s going on in his heart full of heart? He’s in the studio preparing his sixth studio LP, Boy in love certified, which he has been teasing since last fall and which was originally due out in January. Last Friday he finally revealed on Sound 42’s “Fri Yiy” radio show that “the album is done” and he can’t wait to deliver his sounds to our ears. In the meantime, the Six Gods have dropped many clues as to how his new era might to see. Let’s read some of the style tea leaves.

More than most, Drake is deeply sensitive to the power of virality and the kind of outfit that could precipitate a memorable moment, which, more than not, could involve him wearing an oversized sweater. Since his “Hotline Bling” homerun thanks in large part to a particularly loose turtleneck against acne, Drake has been well aware that a comfortable fit is a sure-fire way to make the internet lose its collective spirit. Since then he has maintained his luxury knitwear game, and if his latest viral sweater selfie is one indication, Drake is ready to continue showing us his softer side.


In October 2020, Drake dropped his Boy in love certified collaborate with Nike, finally giving audiences a chance to snatch the insanely cool pink quilted jacket he wore in the “Laugh Now, Cry Later” video he had dropped nearly three months earlier. Other products in the range are adorned with roses and Cupids wearing a ski mask (hum… interesting). Certainly we will see more CLB Nike merchandising on the way. Hey, a longer album means extended business opportunities!

Courtesy of Drake

And the rumor mill is heating up with Drizzy’s still-unreleased NOCTA x Nike sneaker, which would be called the Hot Step Air Terra. (NOCTA is the name of Drake’s sub-label brand partnership with Nike, named after his notoriety nocturnal creative process.)


As seen on his Instagram and also in the “Laugh Now, Cry Later” video, which was filmed in part at Nike headquarters, he has been wearing the shoes for quite some time. Its notched sole assures us that this boy in love still has some crispness. And speaking of …

Courtesy of Drake x Chrome Hearts

All Boy in love certified needs to move and needs something to wear when traveling: here is the Drake x Chrome Hearts Rolls Royce, a unique vehicle featuring leather seats and rims embossed with the words “Fuck You”. Drake has been loving Chrome Hearts lately, so naturally the custom work has come with his own limited-edition merch drop. What can we say? Drake contains multitudes.


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