Hodinkee x Ressence: Hodinkee proves to be another flamboyant collaboration


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The watch: Ressence Type 1 Slim HOD for Hodinkee

The only best thing about this watch: it is the anti-Ressence Ressence


The backstory: Ressence is known for making incredibly stylish watches. The company uses oil-filled chambers to create a completely flat surface that mimics the look of a smartwatch, while beneath the surface is a very traditional and rigorous watchmaking element. The results are fascinating. This new watch, produced in partnership with the Hodinkee watch site, does not follow this model. Rather than hiding the magic behind inky black oil, the new Ressence Type 1 Slim HOD puts it all in the open. Looks a bit like you’ve punctured the typical Ressence Type 1 and let the oil drain out. The dial is still made up of a flat arrangement of discs, but it uses a honeycomb design to allow the wearer to see the internal mechanics below. The effect is reminiscent of looking into the bowels of a clock tower.

Courtesy of Hodinkee
Courtesy of Hodinkee

Another interesting touch: Hodinkee and Ressence removed the crown, the windy little protrusion that often appears on the right side of a watch. Not only does this make the watch a little more stylish, but it also means that it can be worn on the left or right wrist with no problem.

Is Hodinkee the Virgil Abloh of the watchmaking world? Hodinkee started out as a watch blog, but he’s made a name for himself as one of the industry’s most prominent contributors. Over the past year, the brand has worked with John Mayer, Unimatic, Swatch and Tag Heuer. Now, with Ressence, Hodinkee has bonded with her more experimental pal for something nobler than correct a watch. In a statement, Hodinkee notes his fascination with Ressence’s desire to rethink the notion of time. Rather than simply telling you that it is 1:34 p.m., Ressence asks you to think about what mean, dude, that it is 1:34, and what could happen at 1:35, 1:36, 1:37 and so on. “[Ressence founder] Benoît Mintiens has shaken long-standing watchmaking conventions with a vision to advance our understanding of the visual passage of time, ”read a press release. Hodinkee wanted to change the way Ressence achieved this and removed the most recognizable features of the Ressence watch, like this ink dial, to leave us a no-frills approach to the Type 1.

Courtesy of Hodinkee

Where and when to buy it: The Hodinkee x Ressence Type 1 Slim HOD ($ 22,500), limited to 20 pieces, is on sale at Hodinkee right now.



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