How Bella Hadid hid her relationship with Marc Kalman for a year

Bella Hadid kicked off her romance with art director Marc Kalman on her Instagram last Thursday, but according to Sixth page, their romance is not really new. The outlet was told by a source that Hadid dated Kalman in private for a year before going public. And the proof can be seen in the paparazzi photos, where Kalman appears with Hadid for all to see but without a dating relationship.

A source said Sixth page the two started dating in July 2020. “They hid it well,” a spy told the store. “If they got out, he got out first, got in the car, then she got in the car. They would drive to a place, and he would drop her off but not come out and park the car. They were very diligent not to be seen on a public street at the same time. ”

Sixth page reported that their first public observation took place on July 2, 2020 at the Aimé Léon Dore café. They were seen dating, with Kalman right behind Hadid. He is in a navy shirt and has light brown hair:

bella hadid with marc kalman behind her on july 02, 2020

GothamGetty Images

They also appeared together on September 24, 2020. Kalman wears the navy baseball cap inside out:

bella hadid and marc kalman on September 24, 2020

GothamGetty Images


And they reappeared on November 23, 2020, this time Kalman right next to Hadid and tagged by the photo agency as his “friend”:

bella hadid and marc kalman on november 23, 2020

Robert kamauGetty Images

During these outings, Hadid and Kalman made a point of never showing affection or PDA. “Not once, and most of the time they were with other people, which of course made it difficult to prove they were dating,” the source said. Kalman also avoided being photographed with Hadid at events that could have really linked them: for example, Gigi Hadid’s birthday party earlier this year, which was widely documented by the paparazzi, Kalman is not not come out when everyone did it for grilled cheese from the food truck, the source pointed out.

Sixth pageKalman’s source explained in general terms that it became clearer that Kalman and Hadid were involved when Kalman’s car kept showing up at her home in New York. “This new guy [at the time] drove her in her Porsche, then the Porsche was [at her place] overnight several times, ”the source said. “So it was like, ‘She has to date this guy.'”

This source speculated that the two went public around their first birthdays: “They basically went out on their birthday, or somewhere around it.”

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