How GQ Editor-in-Chief Sam Hine Found the Perfect Leather Blazer


For ages, the men’s white whale of Sam Hine, associate editor of GQ, was a vintage leather blazer. After years of fruitless eBay searches, the cool referees at Supreme have finally answered Sam’s prayers with a stylish and well-suited version in their Spring / Summer 2019 collection. Uncut gems vibe and a really easy square cut, ”Sam says.“ In other words, it’s perfect. ”

If you’re wondering how versatile something as specific as a leather blazer can be, when it comes to Sam the answer is very. “I wear it with everything I would with a normal leather jacket – T-shirts, western shirts, sweaters, football shirts, whatever. And while his first online hunt ended in vain, Sam’s leather blazer journey finally ended where it started. “Strangely enough, I missed the release and still ended up buying it on eBay.”

Do you hope to follow in the footsteps of Shady Sam? You can still pick up the burgundy version of his Supreme jacket on eBay and Grailed, or find equally killer leather blazers at places like SSENSE and Matches Fashion below. (And don’t miss our complete guide to removing leather all here.) For a closer look at how Sam pulls off her darling blazer – and for every slice of # GQStaffStyle – be sure to follow @GQ on Instagram.

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Supreme Leather Blazer (Size M)

Image may contain: Jacket, Clothing, Clothing, Coat and Blazer

Supreme Leather Blazer (Size L)

Stolen Girlfriends Club Galactic Desires Blazer (was $ 315, now 22% off)

The picture may contain: clothes, clothes, coat, overcoat, jacket, suit and blazer

Sunflower Single Breasted Crocodile-Effect Leather Jacket (was $ 975, now 40% off)



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