The famous’ 80s wide leg pants are making a big comeback this fashion season and you don’t want to miss out on this edgy look. Wide trousers are complementary to all body types and ideal for all situations, from work clothes to casual weekends and evenings. With a few simple tips and tricks, you will feel confident to wear them and fall in love with them. Here are some reasons why you should consider owning multiple pairs of these pants.

List of the best ways to wear wide pants

Stretch out your legs

When wide pants fit the waist well, they create length for tall and short women. For maximum lengthening effect, tuck in your shirt or wear a cropped top to accentuate and define your waist. With too much loose, flowing fabric, your waistline can get lost, so tuck in your top. Plus, wear high heels – pointy high heels are even better – and make sure they just graze the floor. Wide pants with a high waist can also add a longer appearance to your legs.

Hide your belly

A lot of women have a little muffin top and these pants are a great way to hide it. You can wear loose pants that have a more relaxed fit with a loose or flowy top to camouflage your tummy. It’s always a good idea to tuck in your top to create definition around your waistline. Wide, taller-waisted pants can also help hide your tummy, as they draw the eyes higher towards the narrowest part of your natural waistline. Adding a sleeveless vest to your ensemble is another great way to be on the cutting edge and hide your tummy.


Be comfortable

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Find comfort all year round with wide leg pants. Wear light and airy cotton short pants in spring and summer for cool, airy comfort. Pair it with sandals, a tank top and light accessories for a warm summer look that will keep you cool. In fall and winter, you can wear it in thicker, more structured fabrics to keep you warm, like velor or corduroy. Pair them with boots or heels, a trendy blazer, chunky jewelry and a stylish hat for a cozy winter look.

Create a shape

Wide leg pants give most body shapes – especially the rectangular body shape – a sleek silhouette. Accentuating your waist with a tucked-in top, a tie-front design, and a good fit at the hips create a pretty V-shaped silhouette. Wide-leg pants are also especially useful with pear body shapes, as they deflect attention from the hips and emphasize your taller waist. Inverted triangles are another body shape that benefits wide leg pants, as the width of the pants balances out a wider area of ​​the top and shoulders.

Skinny jeans are out and wide leg pants are back, so it’s time to embrace this fashion trend as it will persist for many seasons to come. With so many options like flare, bootcut, palazzo, cropped and high waisted pants, you’re sure to find a pant style that suits your personal fashion needs.



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