‘I’m still editing, captioning her photos’: Athiya on social media advice to Father Suniel Shetty


The recently concluded FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week saw a crowd of designers showcasing their latest collections as well as many celebrities walking the ramp for them. But the uncertainty of the present time has also reconfigured the format, making it a hybrid “phygital” show.

Among the star celebrities was actor Athiya Shetty, who walked the ramp of designer Payal Singhal. The designer’s collection included accessible clothing made from eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable techniques. Speaking for the same, Singhal stressed the need to readjust over time. “The next wave of clothing is all about minimal maximalism – meaning that even when dressed like new, there will be a need for ease in silhouettes and fabrics. This collection is a unique take on Indian clothing fused with loungewear that I had never done before. It’s also heavily inspired by the way I dress – I don’t have separate Indian and Western wardrobes. My personal style is to make the transitional pieces work together no matter what the occasion.

Athiya, who is quite used to the ramp, was seen in a printed embroidered bomber jacket paired with a bustier and skirt. The actor spoke to indianexpress.com about her relationship with fashion, what she learned from that time, and the advice she gives to his father Suniel Shetty.



The current pandemic has changed the way we live. It has also changed the way we look at things, especially public events. What was it like participating in a phygital show?

It was really great. I feel like it always allows us to celebrate fashion, designers, colors and ideas. It is always the most important thing. It is simply a safer and more convenient way to work.

Having hiked the ramp before, were the preparations similar?

I don’t really prepare myself as such. For me, it’s always the energy and the atmosphere. I just let it go and don’t think too much.


The actor looked striking in this ensemble. (Source: public relations documents)

What is your relationship with fashion? How important is comfort to you?

For me, comfort is fashion and fashion is comfort. It is important to wear the clothes and not to let them wear you down. If I am wearing something that I am not comfortable in, you will be able to see it in my face. I think fashion is extremely personal and is a way of expressing yourself. You can never really judge anyone or call anything a fashion faux pas.

She posed with the designer. (Source: public relations documents)

Is there a fashion trend that you really love and consider to be timeless?

It must be a white shirt.

Eating properly and healthily has become more important than ever before. What is your diet like and are you giving in to guilty indulgences?

I’m not really on a diet. I believe you only have one life, so you eat whatever you want and then you work out. But I also have the feeling that we have to cut out the sugar and buy vegetables and fruits by season. It is more sustainable for the environment.

The designer’s collection was entirely devoted to accessible fashion. (Source: public relations documents)

Your dad Suniel Shetty continues to social media fitness and lifestyle goals. Do you give him any advice on how to manage the platform?

I tip her all the time. I don’t know what he will do without me. I’m still editing and captioning his photos.

Many have spent the lockdown rekindling their love for books. Are you a reader? And what kind of books do you like to read?

I love autobiographies, like that of Michelle Obama or Meryl Streep. But I also love movies and need to watch movies or show before sleeping.

What lessons do you take away from these uncertain times?

Less is more. I guess this time around we’ve kind of figured out what we really need and what we don’t need. So just be more aware and thankful for what we have.


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