In Alex Rodriguez’s fight to save the relationship with Jennifer Lopez


Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s four-year relationship, E! reported over the weekend, was on her last legs amid reports of breakup and later a statement from the two claiming they were still together but “working on some things.”

Things were bad then: “Alex is fully aware that this relationship is currently hanging by a thread,” a source told the outlet. Now Rodriguez has flown to the Dominican Republic, where Lopez is shooting his new film Shotgun wedding, to fight for their relationship in person.

E! and TMZ has obtained details of his efforts and everything A-Rod is doing to try to convince J.Lo that their relationship can be saved. Page six, meanwhile, got a better idea of ​​what things were like last week: that until Friday with his break-up reports, Lopez still hoped their marriage could continue despite their relationship issues.


“There were problems between them, but she was still sitting for the fittings [her wedding] dress last week, ”a source said Page six.

Now Rodriguez is trying to prove to Lopez that their relationship can be saved. “They’re trying to figure things out,” the E! Source said. “He absolutely does not want to separate and has made a lot of promises to try to keep her.”

“He flew off to be with her and prove to her how serious he is,” the source continued. “They don’t know what’s going to happen. Unraveling their lives, business relationships and families would be devastating for everyone involved. “

TMZ was told that part of the reason they were trying to fix the issues is that their four children (Lopez’s 13-year-old twins, Emme and Max, and Rodriguez’s two daughters, Natasha, 16 and Ella, 12), from previous marriages) had become very close and were shocked by the breakup.

“Neither of them expected news to be announced on Friday about their separation,” TMZ wrote, “and as a result, they did not have time to prepare their four children.” The outlet noted that while the kids were a big factor in their Friday night talks, their blended family wasn’t the only reason Lopez and Rodriguez ultimately released a statement saying they didn’t get together. separated.


Rodriguez and Lopez did not address the reports of their relationship chats directly on their social media. But yesterday, Rodriguez posted a story of himself on Instagram in the Dominican Republic, captioned: “Good Monday. New week. New day. Onward. Up” – a seemingly subtle post about the state of the union J. Lo-A-Rod now.

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