Inside Rajkummar Rao’s luxurious duplex house in Mumbai, the actor remembers living in Gurgaon with a joint family of 16 members.  Watch


Actor Rajkummar Rao’s new home in Mumbai is a nice mix of chic and royal, and that says a lot about the actor and his choices. In a video, Rajkummar takes a tour of his house, which he says took 2 years to get ready. “I found the energy to be absolutely correct. So I immediately decided that I was going to have this house to myself, ”the actor said. In the midst of taking us to the spaces he loves inside his home, Rajkummar introduced his little pet Gaga.

Speaking of the house, he said he experimented with the textures and tones of the decor, just as he experienced his characters on screen. “You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with your decor. This is also what I do in my job. As an actor I take a lot of risks, I experiment with my characters, which we have done with the house too, ”said the 36-year-old adding that he loved to detail“ even in my terms. job. As an actor, I believe in it.

Enter Rajkummar Rao’s New Home


Actor Roohi recalled that this is his fourth home in Mumbai. “I grew up in Gurgaon, in a common family. There were about 16 people living together. When I moved to Bombay, I shared my house with two of my friends. We slept on the floor. Then he talked about moving to another house where he lived many of his premieres, “I had my first movie there, I won my first national award there,” he recalls.

In the house, there were also very original quotes. One of the doors had “Never forget where you started” on it. Explaining this, Rajkummar said, “I believe in this. I didn’t want to become an actor to chase glory but because I fell in love with this art. Being an actor and playing so many characters in a lifetime keeps me grounded and uncorrupted. There is nothing else I can do in this life than to be an actor.

rajkummar rao space In Rajkummar Rao’s living room. (Photo: Asian Paintings / YouTube)
rajkummar rao house photos Here is a photo from Rajkummar Rao’s personal space. (Photo: Asian Paintings / YouTube)
rajkummar rao house Rajkummar Rao’s house is full of quotes, books, and more. (Photo: Asian Paintings / YouTube)
Rajkummar Rao House Rajkummar also has an area dedicated to its awards. (Photo: Asian Paintings / YouTube)

It’s not that. There’s another wall with “You are exactly where you need to be” written on it, which the actor calls a summary of his journey in the film industry so far. “I sincerely believe that your hard work takes you everywhere. The work I have done in 15 years has brought me here. Now whatever I do, it will take me forward, ”actor White Tiger said.


On the job front, Rajkummar was recently seen in Roohi, which also starred Janhvi Kapoor and Varun Sharma. He recently packed Badhaai Do with Bhumi Pednekar.


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