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What is it really like to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with Brie Larson? Absolute and deliberate chaos. I had accepted that Larson, a Nintendo ambassador and longtime fan, would be hard to beat when I found out that she was a terrific Mario Kart player who had just played against students that afternoon. They beat her, but she still took time to practice. And it wasn’t just a race; it was also an interview. We would both have to multitask.

When we logged into Zoom, I let her choose her favorite class. I decided it would be just our two competing avatars; me as Princess Peach on a motorcycle, her signature character, Luigi. No computers racing against us. No distractions.

“It’s funny. It sounds chaotic. I’m in it,” Larson said.

the mii of brie larson alongside mine during the first selection of our course in mario kart

Brie Larson’s Mii alongside mine in the first pick of our route in Mario Kart.

Alyssa baileyNintendo

I thought if Larson chose something like the Animal Crossing course, maybe I could win. Perhaps I could pull it off! I played eight races against my boyfriend, a good Mario Kart player, to practice the day before and won them all. I consider myself to be a good Mario Kart player. Not pro, but competitive enough.

Then Larson chose Rainbow Road. “We want a tough one,” she told me. “We just want chaos.” At first I thought, good thing i practiced that one. But it wasn’t the Mario Kart 8 version I played on. It was the SNES.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has three versions of Rainbow Road: the Mario Kart 64, the SNES and a new one exclusive to Mario kart 8. The SNES has tight, consistent turns and no walls at all. Compare that to Mario kart 8 version, which has delicate turns but includes a few walls to break the tension of the course. As my boyfriend texted me after the run, “SNES classes were a nightmare lol.”

We started to roll, I remembered that I should also try to ask questions, and then I took the first corner. That’s when I knew this was going to be the hardest part of Mario Kart I have ever played.

“Oh my God. This class is brutal,” I told him.

“I know, but it’s beautiful,” Larson replied.

“Beautiful, but it is brutalI insisted.

We kept driving and I didn’t fall, but only because I was carefully taking each turn at the expense of speed. You can’t have both unless you’re really, really good at racing, an in-game skill mechanic that gives you a boost in speed but can be difficult to execute properly in back-to-back tight turns. If you turn too much to the right or to the left, you will fall.

Brie Larson plays Mario Kart on his Nintendo Switch

While we were running, I asked Larson what his preference was for the go-kart over the bike. “I feel like I don’t trust myself with the bike,” she explained. “But I didn’t play with it much either.”

I asked him what his first Mario Kart game was (it was Mario kart 64) and why she loved Rainbow Road so much. “It’s really just the nostalgia factor for me,” she said. “I just remember the very first Mario Kart, it seemed like crazy. I felt, to me and to my sister, ‘It’s impossible. It’s crazy.’ I think it has become… I don’t know, lore, in my family: to be on a track with no edges.

Halfway through, I looked at the mini-map on the screen. Larson was slightly ahead of me. It wasn’t impossible to catch up, but I knew that if she drove the course perfectly I would have to use mushrooms (which can be used as a speed boost) – and also avoid falling off the course using them.

We were on our last round. Larson was still ahead… and then she struggled with a turn. “It was almost really bad,” she said. Then she fell. “It gives you a really good opportunity,” she encouraged me. “You should take it. “

I had a banana and a mushroom, and a sharp corner that I knew I could easily fall past if I didn’t take it carefully.

“I’m trying,” I told him. “It’s just… I’m so scared of falling too.” “

“Oh yeah. It’s scary,” Larson regretted.

Winning was not impossible, however. It all depended on how long it took him to recover from his fall. I got closer to the finish line and saw her too, recovered and in front of me. She crossed the line seconds before me. And that was it.

– I was close, but you understood it, I say.

“Well, I lost every game earlier today so it was good for my ego,” Larson replied.

I thanked her for giving me my own ego test. She laughed. “I chose a difficult track,” she admitted. True.

Larson might be competitive on Mario Kart, but she’s so fun to ride that you can forgive her for choosing essentially the toughest course in the game.

luigi de brie larson and my peach at the start of what would have been our second mario kart 8 rainbow road race

Luigi and my Brie Larson peach at the start of what would have been our second race on Mario Kart 8’s Rainbow Road


Our interview time was tight, so our second run on the Mario kart 8 Rainbow Road version had to be suspended. Before I hung up, I asked Larson for his advice for new players. Here’s what she came up with:

Well obviously start at 50cc first. Start with the simplest versions possible. And that really only takes practice. And if you’re playing against someone who is new to it, I would slow down my drift and allow them not to target them maybe so much with items. Be a little nicer, not that brutal to them, just to save them some time in the game. But a lot of my friends who have taken to the game recently because of my obsession, they just wanted some solo time. They say, “I’m not ready to play with you. I will play on my own. I want to spend a few hours alone before playing together.

And what does Larson think of Captain Marvel meeting Ms. Marvel in Wonders, the sequel to come from Captain Marvel? “I’m super excited.” she said. “It’s a dream come true.”

Larson has revealed that the director of the film, Nia DaCosta, is a gamer like her. “This is my first time working with someone who also plays like me,” said Larson. She added that she doesn’t usually play Nintendo Switch with her colleagues on set, but will bring her console with her. “Usually it’s just a solo thing. When I’m at work it’s not a social thing. It’s a way for me to stay focused and stay present in the scene while waiting for them to change cameras or move the lights. I can stay focused, but I play Mario tennis [Aces]. “

Larson also shared his hopes for tomorrow’s Nintendo E3 presentation, where the company will announce its next plans. “I am excited about the future of Zelda,” she said. “I have the impression that there were only bits of information [about the Breath of the Wild sequel] and I want to know more. And yes, I am interested in some surprises. I feel like it’s always fun when new characters have their own spinoff solo series. I would be happy to. “

Our call ended with a sweet goodbye, and I knew when I turned off my Nintendo Switch that even though I had lost, I had still accomplished something really crazy. The result does not matter: you will never forget the race.

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