Is Ben Affleck wearing the same watch Jennifer Lopez gave him in 2002?


Zoom in close enough on this image and you can start to make out some identifiable features. The barrel-shaped or tonneau-shaped case and the wacky, curly numbers are total gifts. A watch like this is almost certainly the work of virtuoso Franck Muller. Paul Boutros, head of watches for the Americas at auction house Phillips, confirmed that the dial, at least, is 100% Franck Muller. Patrick Maffeo, director of Barmakian Jewelers, which sells Franck Muller, added: “It certainly looks like a Franck Muller Center Curvex.” But Boutros and Maffeo agree that Affleck’s watch strap is unidentifiable – likely an aftermarket addition. “The bracelet does not appear to be a Franck Muller bracelet,” Maffeo said. “I have never seen this bracelet before.”


The Curvex is a dead chime for the watch on Affleck’s wrist down to the three lines of text that appear on the watch face – two curves at the top and bottom, and a flat one just above the center. While modern Curvex watches have a flatter crown, older editions have a crown with a slight protrusion, as pictured above. More good confirmation evidence: The box Lopez gives Affleck in “Jenny From the Block” looks a lot like the boxes Franck Muller used. When I contacted the brand, a representative confirmed almost all of my assumptions. “It appears to be a Franck Muller Curvex model that has had a third-party strap added to the case,” they wrote in an email. “We have never offered such a bracelet as a factory option.” So there you have it.

The watch would also have made a lot of sense as a gift for a sexy young actor in the early 2000s. “Coming into the 1990s, Franck Muller was a rising star – an independent watchmaker who gained notoriety for creating very cool watches. complex, ”says Boutros. “By the end of the decade, Franck Muller watches were absolutely hot, with the Cintrée Curvex models, like this one spotted on Ben Affleck’s wrist, being the most sought after. Muller’s fortune withered somewhat in the years that followed. But if Bennifer can get back together, who says they can’t bring Franck Muller back either?



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