Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami creates new line of t-shirts


There is plenty of evidence to prove how cool Japanese author Haruki Murakami is. Few other authors wear their love for cats (on their sleeves) like him; the 72-year-old also hosted a live online show “Jam Blame it on the Bossa Nova” to help people cope with anxiety; he hosts a Murakami radio show every two months and also appears as a DJ for his bimonthly Murakami Radio show.

And now the author, notoriously famous for being a recluse, has designed a new line of T-shirts for Uniqlo.

The t-shirts are priced at 0.90, which is around ₹ 1,447. (Source package: uniqlo.com)


At the moment, eight models can be seen, and her fans can’t contain their excitement. Some T-shirts are inspired by his famous novels like Norwegian wood, Kafka on the shore and others show the author’s love for cats and music with slogans like “Books, music and cats have been my friends for a long time”, “Murakami Radio” and are available in black, white and even dark blue.

They are priced at $ 19.90, or around ₹ 1,447.

An article in The Guardian says that although the author likes his shorts, he “has a habit of carrying a change of pants”. He learned the trick from fellow Japanese author and translator Komimasa Tanaka. “I was once invited to a traditional restaurant in Ginza, but when I introduced myself dressed like that, the host stopped me at the door and said, ‘No shorts allowed.’ … Fortunately, I always put a pair of baggy pants in my bag for this very situation, so I put them over my shorts and we were back on track. The host couldn’t believe what they were seeing, ”he said in the report.

For his fans, there is more news on the horizon. In November 2021, as informed by Penguin Random House, his book titled Murakami T: The T-shirts I love will be published. And, in it, the author will open his “eclectic closet” and also showcase photographs from his own collection of t-shirts and essays. It was translated by Philip Gabriel.



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