Jennifer Lopez wears a crop top while shopping


Jennifer Lopez channeled the spirit of hot girls’ summer in Beverly Hills, stepping out in a white cropped top, beige wide leg pants, white sneakers and a shoulder bag to go shopping yesterday. Lopez put her toned belly on full screen, just like you do when you’re J.Lo:

Jennifer lopez



Lopez’s exit comes in the middle Entertainment tonight‘s reports that those close to Lopez and her boyfriend Ben Affleck believe they could really be there for the long haul. The source said they were already back in love just over two months after being seen together for the first time.

“The friends wouldn’t be surprised if they move in together and end up getting together,” the source said. “They spend all their free time together and make each other a priority. J.Lo is falling hard and certainly did the same with Ben this time around. Ben is a guy and does his own thing, which J.Lo loves. He has his own life and is famous in a different way from her and in no way tries to compete with her. They support and love each other.

The source added that Lopez’s feelings for Affleck never fully died down after their first relationship and engagement ended in early 2004.

“When Ben contacted J.Lo, she was really excited that they were rekindling their relationship,” the source said. “J.Lo has always had a love for Ben. Back then, Ben broke up with J.Lo because he was overwhelmed by the constant media attention and fame the relationship brought, but now they’re in an amazing place and have really learned what works for them. as a couple.


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