JJJJound x Vans: a sneaker for advanced design aesthetes and skateboarders


JJJJound, the vibe blogging brand that became IRL founded by Montrealer Justin Saunders, has for years been offering discreetly crafted collaborations with not-so-calm fanfare. Tastefully modified products have a way of selling in a flash and appearing in the aftermarket with prices that rival much flashier collaborations. There was the Eddie Bauer vests designed by JJJJound and the Reebok Club C kicks. As recently as last week there was a Dr. Martens collaboration (which is sort of still available on the online store. brand; hurry up and come back when you’re done). Now, JJJJound has teamed up with Vans for a nice redesign of the classic Mid Skool 37.

Liam MacRae

It’s sort of a follow-up to the duo’s previous hit in 2017, a low-key reimagining of the Vans Old Skool. This time around, the two companies have gone for something new – a sneaker that’s inspired by the classic Old Skool but is a bit more obscure. The Mid Skool 37 is a mid-rise lace-up shoe that features all of your favorite hard-wearing Vans features: rugged fabric materials, padded collars and the brand’s signature rubber waffle outsole.

Liam MacRae

It is available in a trio of very easy to wear colors: black, brown and green. The collaboration will run for a week, with each colourway being removed per day starting August 10 (via JJJJound.com) before landing in select Vault By Vans stores on August 14.

Liam MacRae

While much of the sneaker landscape continues to opt for an extremely loud design, JJJJound sticks to a quieter philosophy. Saunders has long tampered with a particular kind of vibe – tonal interiors, calming archival fashion, and high-end still life snapshots – and that design DNA can be seen in the products his studio makes. This subtle sensibility is on display in this trio of Vans sneakers, making it the rare collaboration that will appeal to design-loving skateboarders, internet aesthetes and sneaker collectors.

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