Jonah Hill dresses for happiness


Last week the actor and GQ style god Jonah Hill was spotted in Venice with a laid back look that I can only describe as blessed– and that points to a good way forward for our post-pandemic style.

For starters, Hill’s outfit is a prime example of a very particular kind of Los Angeles-centric transitional dressing room, the kind of ensemble that could take you from an afternoon getaway in Erewhon to a night out. opening of the Online Ceramics gallery. It also had the right amount of all the components we want to wear now: comfy (a loose, barely tie-dyed cotton tee), cool (a coveted patchwork denim), and fun (little leopard slippers!). Of course, he paired it all with a peace sign and a smile.


While slippers can be the mainstay of the outfit, jeans are the clear focal point. We are immersed in the era of patchwork, a pre-pandemic trend heralded by designers like Emily Bode, and which has taken on new meaning given our sudden colonization. Now a pair of old denim reworked or repaired with vintage calico fabrics feels like looking in a mirror, a portrayal of our shrewd collective resilience. And Jonah clearly dug this pair. He’s also recently worn them with a shiny floral button placket, and today he even posted the original paparazzi photo on his Instagram with the caption “81 and Havin ‘fun ☮️” – an escalation of his legendary gaming joke. being that nobody knows how old he is. (For the record, he’s 37 years old.)


But there is something more than just the right style going on here. “The bliss point” is a term borrowed from food science that refers to the sensory moment when a consumer likes a product the most, such as when a Cheeto starts to melt on your tongue and you are already trying another. Hill’s look suggests a corollary concept: the point of sartorial happiness. In a strange time for personal style, we ask ourselves: how can we come up with a new formula of attire that will allow us to dress to go out and greet the world every day?

Jonah has found the point of happiness: he looks really happy to wear what he’s wearing. Your own point of happiness may or may not involve vintage denim or a slip-on shoe. After a year of casual attire, it might even mean the svelte embrace of a four-legged costume. If it makes you happy, it will get you there.


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