Jugal Hansraj on 25 years of Papa Kahte Hain and how Ghar Se Nikalte Hi was created: ‘I wanted to shoot the song before the movie’


Maybe it was yesterday when you were humming “Ghar Se Nikalte Hi”, but it’s been 25 years since Jugal Hansraj made you lose your knees over your first love. Yes, Papa Kahte Hain is now finishing a quarter of a century, but the film and the track have aged well.

“I hadn’t realized it had been 25 years. In some ways I feel old, and in others not. In my mind, I’m still that kid (from the movie). And people still remember the music. It is one of the most famous Bollywood albums. To be one of the great compositions over the years is a great thing. Jugal said revisiting Papa Kahte Hain in an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com.

daddy kahte hain jugal hansraj mayoori kango 25 years old Jugal Hansraj star Papa Kahte Hain marked Mayoori Kango’s Bollywood debut.


Papa Kahte Hain (1996) has become a flagship film for many people. As well as giving Jugal the Boy Next Door tag, it also impressed audiences with his adorable chemistry with co-actor Mayoori Kango who made his debut with the film. But it was the airs of Rajesh Roshan that made the film such memorable music.

According to Jugal, the simplicity with which her soundtrack was created and illustrated made her special. “There was no sophisticated camera work. They were just simple innocent stories in songs that touched people’s hearts – a young boy and a girl sitting, talking and singing to each other. Today, with all the quick cuts and stylish stuff, you’re missing out on it all. “

Papa Kahte Hain revolved around the character of Sweety (Mayoori) who is looking for her father (Anupam Kher), who abandoned her as a child. During the trip, she meets and falls in love with Rohit (Jugal). Mahesh Bhatt director also starred Tiku Talsania, Dinesh Hingoo, Soni Razdan, Navni Parihar and Suhas Joshi.

Jugal revealed that after hearing “Ghar Se Nikalte Hi” all he wanted was to shoot the song, even before the movie. “I have very clear memories. I remember recording the song before we started filming. Rajesh Roshan, Javed Akhtar and Udit Narayan were all there. When Udit ji started singing, I was so excited that I continued to annoy Mahesh Bhatt to turn the song on first. The one he loved, he called them “duffer”. So he said, ‘No duffer. We have to finish shooting Bombay first. And then we will go to the Seychelles. So I’d better wait, ”the actor said.


Thinking back to the day of the shoot, Jugal added, “We were all at a seaside resort. I was so excited I didn’t sleep the night before. On the day of filming, I woke up early, got ready. I remember going to the villas of Mahesh Bhatt and Raju Khan, the choreographer, knocking on their door and asking them to hurry. I was dragging everyone to get on the bus (laughs).

“We went to the beach and half the day was devoted to intro music. I continued to wait for the words to begin. It started after lunch, and everyone said they were there, now I should leave them alone! he shared frankly.

daddy kahte hain anupam kher jugal hansraj stills Anupam Kher and Jugal Hansraj in an image by Papa Kahte Hain. (Photo: Archives Express)

Jugal started his acting career as a child artist and became popular with Masoom (1983). Papa Kahte Hain arrived shortly after entering Bollywood as a male frontman. And having the opportunity to be on a Mahesh Bhatt film set so early in his career was special. He agreed, “It was rush hour for Bhatt sir because he was busy making 8 to 9 films at a time. What I really enjoyed working with him is that other than the rest he is very good with actors and will go out of his way to make them feel comfortable. He thinks they are actors who are in the line of sight, in front of the lights, like others are hiding behind the lens. So he will make sure that we are loved and taken care of. He doesn’t give a lot of instructions. It will put you in the mood for the scene and leave you in front of the camera.

So even the way Mahesh Bhatt shot “Ghar Se Nikalte Hi” was different. Jugal revealed the memoir he was given for the song. “If you see it, you will realize that there are 4-6 lines in each shot. He took long photos without cuts. Her whole mandate for me was not to think of it as a song, but to imagine that the camera and the audience are my friend and I confide in my best friend about this nice girl I just met, but I not knowing how to talk to him. I had to imagine how I would experience it all. So he made me sing in front of the camera throughout the song.

The two protagonists of the film – Jugal Hansraj and Mayoori Kango have continued to choose different paths in their careers. While Jugal, in addition to being an actor, has also gone on to become a writer, now awaiting the release of his second book soon, Mayoori was appointed Industry Manager at Google India in 2019.

“Yes, Mayoori is doing very well. And I still take action every now and then, whenever something comes up, ”Jugal said, adding even more why he made the change.

“The change has happened organically. I have signed a lot of films, almost 30 as a lead actor, with Manmohan Desai, Pahlaj Nihalani, Yash Johar, Raj Sippy, Ram Gopal Varma and others. But so many people haven’t been fabricated at all. No complaints, but it just didn’t happen. And the ones where I did small roles and cameos like Salaam Namaste, were made. My film with Rajshri Productions – Hum Pyar Tumhi Se Kar Baithe, which I made after Mohabbatein, did not go well. Suddenly the good roles started to dry up. Then you move on and you can’t stay home and wait for things to go well. “

Papa Kahte Hain is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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