Justice League Snyder Cut: Zack Snyder reveals a new version of Jared Leto’s Joker


Zack Snyder has finally launched his version of the DC villain Joker. In a black-and-white image posted by the filmmaker via Vanity Fair, Hollywood star Jared Leto looks deadlier than ever. This Joker avatar will be seen in the Snyder Cut of Justice League premiere on HBO Max on March 18.

Dressed in a hospital gown and gloves, Jared Leto’s Joker is seen staring straight at the camera, as if challenging it to a duel.

Snyder joker cut Jared Leto as Joker in Justice League Snyder Cut. (Photo: Vanity Fair)


Very few actors have the opportunity to play the same role twice in their life. The actor was previously seen in a louder, louder avatar of the Joker in Suicide Squad. Directed by David Ayer, Suicide Squad had failed to impress critics, despite box office favors.

According to Vanity Fair, Joker will be sporting a bulletproof vest decorated with law enforcement badges in the upcoming film. “He has tons of badges. These are his trophies, ”director Zack Snyder told the magazine.

Joker will also be seen in a dream sequence as part of Batman’s psychic vision in the Synder Cup.

“What’s cool about the scene is that Joker talks directly to Batman about Batman. It is Joker who analyzes Batman on who he is and what he is. This is what I also felt the fans deserved from the DC Universe. That is, the Jared Leto Joker and the Ben Affleck Batman, they never really met. It didn’t seem cool to me that we were walking all the way through this incarnation of Batman and Joker without seeing them meet, ”the filmmaker concluded.



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