Justin Bieber and Rihanna agree: jeans are back and better than ever


Throughout the pandemic, clothing has been a useful measure of our confidence, or lack thereof. It’s no surprise that in the dog days of the pandemic, sales of sweatpants exploded. New York Time reported last April that although overall clothing sales fell 79%, sales of sweatpants rose 80%. The deployment of vaccines has the opposite effect on clothing sales. The cautious optimism of customers seems to be reflected in the clothes they buy. All of jean’s stats are now pointing up: Levi’s expects revenue to grow by about a quarter in the first half of this year. At LL Bean, “pants with buttons and zippers have started selling more than those with drawstrings or elastic belts” in recent weeks, according to the the Wall Street newspaper.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Los Angeles, May 1, 2021.Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

The good news is that the pants did not remain in stasis during the quarantine. You may have heard that skinny jeans are dead. Teens are saying it, and even designer Mike Amiri, who made a killing with thigh-hugging jeans, unceremoniously threw them away last month. Just like people who learned to bake or became master yogis in their forties, jeans have also discovered a few new tricks. Look no further than the legendary Diane Keaton, who took her dog for a walk in cutting edge denim: huge and bulky with pockets big enough to store your keys, wallets, and all your hopes and dreams.

Diane freakin ‘Keaton!

BG004 / Bauer-Griffin

The return of jeans is reflected everywhere you look: A recent American Express ad shows a woman returning in her jeans. “It’s coming back to you now,” said a narrator softly before letting out a sigh of relief. “Real pants.” The woman buttons her last button and she smiles. Jeans are back – and they’ve come to represent a return to normal. And if you haven’t come back to hard express pants just yet, you’re in luck: Levi’s has a massive sale going on right now.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid in New York City, April 23, 2021.Raymond Hall / Getty Images
The Kid Laroi in New York City, May 4, 2021.Raymond Hall / Getty Images
Bella Hadid in New York City, April 8, 2021.Raymond Hall / Getty Images
Jamie Foxx in Atlanta, April 24, 2021.Prince Williams / Getty Images


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