Kajol’s birthday celebrations start early: lunch with mum Tanuja and Tanishaa, living room visit with daughter Nysa


Kajol is expected to be a year older on August 5. The actor will turn 47 this Thursday. However, Kajol’s sister Tanishaa Mukerji decided to throw a small party ahead of the actor’s birthday on Wednesday. Tanishaa took Kajol and their “birth mother” Tanuja to a lunch where the three enjoyed a “6 course meal”.

Sharing a not-so-perfect selfie on Instagram, Kajol thanked Tanishaa for a “wonderful” celebration ahead of the birthday. “Trying to match the three expressions in one frame is impossible !!! Thank you Tichi for this wonderful and happy pre-party! I love you both to the end”, the caption reads. Responding to Kajol’s Instagram update, Tanishaa wrote, “Yeah, I look so happy with lunch. I’m ready to pass out. Yum!”

Kajol Kajol and Tanishaa’s perfect selfie. (Photo: Kajol / Instagram)


On her Instagram Stories, Kajol shared a perfect selfie with Tanishaa and wrote, “Eyes wide open this time.”

Tanishaa also gave a preview of the pre-anniversary party through an Instagram reel. In the video, the actor introduced Kajol as the “birthday girl” while also calling her mother Tanuja as the “birth mother of the birthday girl”. She also added that Tanuja had “23 hours of labor” when she was about to give birth to Kajol. Tanishaa’s comment left Kajol in a split.

Later that day, Kajol was spotted in town with her daughter Nysa. Kajol and Nysa were clicked out of a salon in Mumbai.

Check out some photos of Kajol and Nysa:

kajol birthday Kajol seen outside a trade fair in Mumbai. (Photo: Varinder Chawla)
kajol The actor was accompanied by his daughter Nysa. (Photo: Varinder Chawla)
kajol's daughter Here is another photo of Nysa and Kajol. (Photo: Varinder Chawla)


Recently, Tanishaa opened that initially everyone wanted her to look and act like her sister Kajol.

“There were times in life early in my career when everyone looked at me and expected me to look like Kajol, act like Kajol and beat Kajol. I was like, ‘I can’t be her. She has green eyes, much taller than me, curly hair and is nothing like me, ”she told ETimes.

She continued, “No two people are the same on this planet. There is not a single soul that can be compared to another. Individuality is something we all have, ”adding,“ My family is wonderful. They embrace me and worship me for who I am. “Baby, I believe you in your decisions because you will act according to the principles established in you,” my mother said. We adore each other and we admire each other. We are not talking about anyone.

Recently, Tanuja also made an appearance on a reality TV show in which a video message from Kajol left her with tears in her eyes. In the video message, Kajol that the “greatest gift my mother has ever given me is education.”

“I had the most amazing education ever. I am very fortunate to have been raised by such a forward thinking and amazing person who has taught me so much about life, growing up and being an adult since I was a child. But I fully understand what it would have been like if it had gone slightly wrong, ”she said.

In terms of work, Kajol was last seen in Tribhanga. On the other hand, Tanishaa was recently seen in a short film called Life Is Short.


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