Kangana Ranaut tests negative for Covid-19, says: ‘I am told not to offend Covid fan clubs’


Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has tested negative for the coronavirus. She shared the news on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday. Kangana also posted a video in which she talks about her battle with the virus and how home remedies have helped her recover.

In a post on her Instagram Stories, Kangana wrote: “Hello everyone, today I tested negative for covid, I want to say a lot about how I beat the virus but I am told to do not offend covid fan clubs…. Yes, there are actually people who are offended if you disrespect the virus…. Anyway, thank you for your wishes and love.

kangana ranaut covid negative instagram rating Kangana Ranaut shared a note on her Instagram Stories.


The actor later uploaded a video where she talked about the dos and don’ts if you test positive for Covid-19. Rather, according to Kangana, it is an internal fight against the virus. Sharing how, along with her weakness, she lost the sense of taste and smell, Kangana said that homemade “kaadha”, gargling and steaming came to her aid, as well as yoga. Finally, she urged her fans to take all precautions to ensure the safety of their loved ones.

After being diagnosed with coronavirus on May 8, Kangana Ranaut had shared that she had quarantined herself and was sure she would “demolish” the coronavirus which, for her, is “nothing but a little flu”.

However, his post was deleted by Instagram, it seems, because she called the virus a “little flu”.

In terms of work, Kangana Ranaut has Tejas, Thalaivi and Dhaakad in her kitty.



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