Kareena Kapoor shares Jab We Met’s ‘cola soda’ meme after Cristiano Ronaldo’s Coca-Cola snob


Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan joined the latest meme fest courtesy of Cristiano Ronaldo who, during a Euro 2020 press conference, pushed aside two bottles of Coca-Cola lying on the table before brandishing a bottle of water. This action by the footballer saw the market value of the beverage brand drop by $ 4 billion.

Among the many memes going around is a scene from Kareena Kapoor’s Jab We Met (2007), where her character Geet is seen telling a shopkeeper (played by the late Asif Basra) at a train station that Cola or Soda can’t quench his thirst like water Can. The hilarious scene and dialogue had become popular even by the time the film was released.

kareena kapoor khan meme Kareena Kapoor Khan shares a Jab We Met meme. (Photo: Kareena Kapoor Khan / Instagram)


Kareena Kapoor Khan shared the meme and captioned it with a few emojis. Jab We Met director Imtiaz Ali also hoped to jump on the bandwagon, sharing the entire scene in the film.


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