Lagaan actor Aditya Lakhia aka Kachra reveals he must have lived in a hut outside the village during filming


Actor Aditya Lakhia, known for playing Kachra in the cult film Lagaan, still holds the role close to his heart today. Ahead of the 20th anniversary of Ashutosh Gowariker’s film on June 15, the actor frankly explains why he thinks his character stood out among the powerful ensemble cast, led by Aamir Khan.

Kachra was an untouchable and socially rejected man who was chosen by Bhuvan of Aamir Khan as the eleventh player of the cricket team against the British. Kachra’s struggle to fit into the team becomes symbolic of his social struggle. Spinner, Kachra ends up making a hat-trick and even plays a crucial ball to give the team the advantage.


“While every character is equally brilliant, my character stood out because of the issue of untouchability, a man with a hand affected by polio. Then I take the treble. I also give Aamir the last position. hitting to win. Although I had three main scenes, there were a lot of ups in my character, ”recalls Aditya.

On the Lagaan plateaus in Bhuj, each member of the team had their own dummy house built according to their profession (blacksmith, potter, farmer, lumberjack, etc.), day. Even Kachra had a small hut outside the village. “Although we didn’t shoot there, I had to go and stay there all day. I was not allowed to come to the village. I had my tea-coffee there, ”Aditya said.

A spinner in the team, Kachra used his weak hand to play ball in a peculiar way. Aditya shared that he practiced it during the workshops before Lagaan went to the floors in January 2000.

lagaan film stills 20 years casting Aamir Khan became a producer with Lagaan, released in 2001. (Photo: Express Archives)

“My batting and bowling stance and hand stance have been designed. But the acting in my first scene wasn’t. There I played. I was so in character, ”he said.


His opening scene in the film, also his first shot for Lagaan, was the real challenge. “In the script, Kachra joins the team last. I was also the last person to start filming. All the other character entries were made way before me, even though I was in Bhuj and had to be on set every day in my costume.

Aditya further revealed that due to his late entry, no one in the actual crowd really knew him other than the cast. “No one spoke to me because I hadn’t made an entry. And I was so scared because the cast had been running for a month and a half. So that fear has manifested itself very well in this scene where Bhuvan is fighting to fit me into the team. Even today, when I walk down the street, people call me Kachra. Sometimes, even without knowing it, when I hear this word, I look around me.

Lagaan also played Gracy Singh, AK Hangal, Paul Blackthorne, Rachel Shelley, Suhasini Mulay, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, in addition to the eleven actors who made up the Champaner cricket team.


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