Lil Nas X joins the big men’s skirts movement


The men’s skirt continues on its path to fashion dominance in 2021. On Monday night, Lil Nas X sat down for an interview on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon in an ecru square blazer with a red plaid skirt and combat boots, a set from the Louis Vuitton Fall 2021 collection by Virgil Abloh. It was a strong look in itself, but also the latest sign that the skirt, or dress, is evolving into a standard piece of American men’s fashion.

It would be a misstep to say that Lil Nas X, a style and music maverick who turned a moment of TikTok virality into world fame, is following in anyone’s footsteps. Yet her relaxed kilt is the latest example of one of the few dominant fashion trends, with style leaders like Harry Styles (last December Vogue), Dan Levy (at the September 2020 Emmys), Jeremy O. Harris and GQA $ AP Rocky, the cover star of May, is all putting his own twist on it.

Lil Nas X in Louis Vuitton Spring 2021.Andrew Lipovsky / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

This is in part thanks to the way menswear continues to embrace gender fluid fashion. But the skirt is also quickly becoming a staple in menswear, with designers adding more and more lines with loose, easy-to-wear silhouettes like Nas’s – a change we timed earlier this year under the name of “sober and elegant skirt for men”. (It can be seen why Nas could have turned to the more forgiving, more modest skirt: On the show, he touched on the wardrobe malfunction he experienced during his recent Saturday Night Live performance, when the crotch of his pants split as he turned to his hit “Call Me By Your Name.”)


Nas’ look is essentially grunge-casual – a masculine skirt perhaps explicitly designed for viewers to try on at home. Personally, I thought of Alexander McQueen in his family red tartan and Mickey Mouse sweater – working the kilt as a comfy, albeit polished, basic.

Kid Cudi also turned to Abloh for his own genre-flowing fashion look earlier this year, when he wore an Off-White chintz dress in April on SNL. Among the multitude of fluid genre designers who have emerged over the past five years, it’s somewhat unexpected that Abloh will be a main voice in the movement, though her Vuitton fall 2021 collection includes several skirts. And Abloh’s greatest skill is his strange understanding of the zeitgeist; he is a designer who adores nuance and ambivalence, qualities that surely attract him to the new enchantment of fashion with styles and fluid shapes. “For me, this represents personal empowerment despite any social norm. This vehemently represents confidence, ”Abloh said GQ in April, the look of Cudi. “It’s Cudi knocking on your TV screen saying, ‘Hey! Be yourself. Who will miss? The world is waiting.


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