Living the life of Rhude in Beverly Hills


The crowd seemed ready to listen to his direction. Los Angeles showed up, and they showed up, releasing their favorite Rhude pieces for the occasion. Kyle Kuzma, his head brushing an outdoor heater, leaned over to chat with Tyga. Joey Badass, struggling to speak around the cigar in his mouth, donned a French Montana in a silk shirt. Chris Brown lingered in a corner; Big Sean in another. Emmy winner Lena Waithe and Emmy (and Tony and Grammy) winner Cynthia Erivo both wore Rhude from head to toe. Matt LeBlanc, inexplicably, wandered around the patio. Saquon Barkley was reduced to full body laughs by a TikTok clip. All the fashion shows are now celebrity outings, but the power offered here was almost shocking.

Kyle Kuzma and Big Sean connect, with encouragement from French Montana. Jojo Korsh /
Saweetie, Slick Woods, Lena Waithe, Cynthia ErivoJojo Korsh /

Finally, there was a fashion show and Villaseñor delivered a vision of luxury at the height of the cigar rolling station and champagne pyramid on offer at the event. There was a lot of leather, in the form of jacket, pants and overalls. Lots of shorts. A whole bunch of delicate prints that Grandma could have worn and that the stars of the NBA certainly will. The moccasins have been tricked with a Rolex inspired strap on the upper. (“You know what time it is! A Presidential Rolex Day-Date? It’s about as prime as it gets.”) Couture, in particular, stood out: Villaseñor makes costumes that you want to take for them. vacation, which is a more difficult task than it sounds. It all stems, he said, from his love for the old-fashioned globe-trotting Americana. “For me, it’s a question of adaptability,” he explained. “It’s not about what they wore back then. It is a question of knowing how to take the tones of this feeling and adapt it to modernity? ”

Model of a Metro Boomin Night.

Courtesy of Rhude

Producer Metro Boomin was the last model to walk, in a shirt-and-tie look topped with a satin jacket. As he walked past a row of celebrities who would give an NBA game a run for its money, famous fans erupted – led, I think, by French Montana – in a series of boos and heckling. And why not? The night was young, the stars were out and the cigars were only half smoked. It was a good night to be in Beverly Hills, with the help of Rhude.



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