Lounging at home: how comfort clothing reigned in the pandemic


Our lockdown basket has been stocked with essentials, plenty of skin care, and pajama sets. The latter, ironically, being a section of our wardrobe that we had never taken care of before.

So, it’s no surprise that brands have started offering a whole new category of clothing: loungewear.

Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a shift in the fashion industry, where comfort reigns at a time when staying at home is encouraged. But, it also raises questions: was there a need for this new section of clothing? And now that it’s here, will it stand the test of time?


Some big brands offering this wardrobe essential give their opinion.

Blurring the lines between work and home

Athleisure and street style are not the same as loungewear. (Photo: public relations document)

For more comfort, Ritu Kumar launched Aarké last year. The brand, which makes room in the wardrobe in all transparency, offers a diverse range of airy tops and bottoms. Amrish Kumar, Managing Director and Creative, Ritu Kumar shares that the pandemic has had a huge impact on consumer choices, and with today’s culture of working from home, the demand has shifted towards clothing suitable for the home. “The trend is changing with customers looking for cozy and comfortable outfits.

“Comfortable clothing” often reminds us of the days when urban style and sports recreation tried to make their mark in the industry. But is loungewear the same? Kumar says that when it comes to athleisure fashion, “it is still considered sporty in nature and is an important part of the sportswear segment.”


Agree, Dipali Patwa, group leader of the brand, community and digital business group FabIndia, shares: “Fashion has always been a mirror of the mood, of the aspirations of society and, in this way. case of the pandemic. Loungewear offers easy-to-wear styles designed to look like you’ve put in just enough effort for a Zoom call or a few essential errands.

The fashion

For most of these brands, the USP of this category is made of breathable fabrics with nice designs and mid-high prices. (Photo: public relations document)

Think sweatpants and jackets and kaftans and krops, or flowy lounge dresses and pajama pants and tunics. For men, he offers easy kurtas with shirt cuffs or churidar with pockets, all of which comes down to reinventing the basics for everyday comfort.

Keeping the line between worn and chic intact

People now buy less but better. (Photo: public relations document)

For most of these brands, the USP of this category is made of breathable fabrics with nice designs and mid-high prices. Tanvi Malik, co-founder of FabAlley & Indya tells indianexpress.com that one should be aware of the thin line between the clothes that comfort you – the loose, worn t-shirt that you change into after work – and the comfy clothes you wear around the house.

“When designing loungewear, we make sure that the styles tick all the boxes of comfort clothing like breathable fabrics, practical silhouettes and ease of wear, while making them attractive with striking ethnic prints, bright colors and innovative, trendy details, ”she said. said.

Likewise, UNIQLO aims to provide effortless style for consumers who are on the move, to develop their garments with sustainability in mind. As part of their LifeWear concept, they offer clothes that match individual lifestyles. The spokesperson explains it with one of their denim styles that looks like denim but isn’t really denim. Thus, the polished effect remains intact but the roughness thereof is canceled. “The cutting edge pants are made with an authentic denim-like fabric that was developed at Fast Retailing’s Jeans Innovation Center,” the spokesperson said.

While Aarké’s collection ranges from kurtas, kurtis, dresses, costume sets, tops and bottoms. “The fabrics used in the making of the collection are cotton, chiffon, rayon and viscose,” adds Kumar.

Simple and fluid in nature, they make it easy for you to take your meetings in the morning and casually go out for a stroll in the evening. The price range of these brands is between Rs 600 and Rs 3,000.

What the future holds

Looks like loungewear is here to stay! (Photo: public relations document)

While the industry has come a long way from selling sequined dresses and haute couture bridal wear to matching ensembles and flowy kaftans, loungewear is an obvious necessity right now. But, the pandemic will end at some point and the looming question will be: where will our living room sets go?

Patwa strongly believes in the idea that pandemic clothing will become an extension of our home, providing ease, comfort and reliability. “We are not going to dress to be seen, but rather we will focus on clothes that are comfortable, comfortable and durable. “

In addition to this, Kumar also believes that despite the change in our wardrobe that was “expected”, “the work-from-home scenario has brought about a significant change in the consumer’s clothing habits, as this segment has received a blow. inch during the pandemic ”.

This, along with an increased awareness of slow fashion and mindful consumption, will encourage people to buy less but better. As a result, “loungewear will continue to play a vital role both functional and cultural,” says Patwa.

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