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Lululemon strappy sports bra for strength training

The sportswear market is inundated with cute sports bra options for smaller cup sizes, but even the low impact options are extremely limited for those with the most cup counts. Too often bra designs are plagued with awkward or drooping bust lines.


Step into lululemon’s free raised bra. This new style is essentially an evolution of the free to be range, picking up where the serene free to be bra left off. The raised bra is designed for the fullest cups to date, marketed in the DD / E range.

For reference, I wear a 30D / DD in the regular bras and wear a size 2 in the free to be raised. With that in mind, I am writing this review with the caveat that I am on the limit of the size this bra was intended for. As your bra size and support needs differ significantly from mine, please take my opinions with caution.

Lululemon sportswear

Free Lululemon Bra Review To Be Elevated

Sportswear Lululemon Strappy Sports Bra


In my opinion, the free to be high is true to size. It fits similarly to the original Energy bra in terms of band size and overall compression. The Raised is slightly smaller than the Free to be serene, especially through the straps, which I find significantly shorter and tighter than the Serene. It’s a welcome change for me personally, as the longer straps from the Serene don’t work as well for my petite figure.

Unlike other lululemon bras, the free bra has wide straps that distribute the weight over the shoulders. The strap also extends more fully around the shoulder before splitting into smaller straps to ensure that none of the narrower straps sag.

Free Lululemon Bra Review To Be Elevated

Free Lululemon Bra Review To Be Elevated

Lululemon Strength Training Outfit

Below the bust, the band is slightly wider than most lululemon bras. It measures 1.25 ″, while the serene free to be measures 0.75 ″ and the majority of other lulu bras, like the energy bra, measure 1 ″. This 0.25 ″ is a critical fit because the bra band is the most critical support element.

The coverage of this bra suits me perfectly. The neckline does not cut or create a quatrefoil, but it is not too high either. The same goes for underarm coverage, an area that can be prone to spill issues. Overall, the design strikes the perfect balance between just the right amount of cover and containment without being bulky or stuffy.

Lululemon Training Outfit

While still a compression bra, it has a significantly less flattening effect than most of lulu’s other bras. The stitching intelligently creates more lift and shape. The free to be raised is marked as light support, but it is significantly more supportive than a bralette. It certainly offers better support than any other bra in the free to be range. For me personally, the support is slightly underrated, and it’s more in the light / medium range of support. Although I would never go for a run in this bra, I would be comfortable doing activities with more impact than yoga or everyday clothes. I have worn it with pleasure when hiking and cycling, for example.

Free Lululemon Bra Review To Be Elevated

Lululemon weightlifting outfit

Lululemon Training Outfit

Although this bra is marketed for DD / E cups, I think it could be a bit generous. Some DD and E cups may not be satisfied with the coverage and support, or may require a size up to get the right fit. From my personal experience, I think this is a fairly strong low to medium impact sports bra for D cup that C and DD cup may also like, depending on body shape and personal preferences.

Overall, I think the freedom to be elevated is an underrated gem in lululemon’s current line of bras. When I don’t need the extreme support of long distance running, this sports bra meets all of my needs and looks amazingly cute doing it. While the color versions have been pretty modest at this point, I plan to slowly collect a few for my sports bra wardrobe.

Free Lululemon Bra Review To Be Elevated

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