Becoming a mom is the most exciting and stimulating chapter in a woman’s life. That is why, being a new mom brings with it all the joy, happiness and fun that are simply incomparable and priceless.

There is so much to experience and learn from a new mom. But all is said and done, being a new mom is a touching and sweet stage in a woman’s life.


On this Mother’s Day, I bring you gift ideas for new moms who are also special and adorable. So take a look at these best Mother’s Day gifts that are best for new moms.

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Best Mother’s Day Gifts For New Moms:

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1. Baby’s initial necklace and birthstone

A new mom will always carry her baby close to her heart, no matter where it is. One of the best ways to celebrate it is when mom wears a cute personalized pendant, which has her baby’s initials and birthstone on it.

Birthstone necklace
Source: lakecabin.me

2. Personalized photo mug with baby’s photo

Instead of going for the traditional photo frame, it makes sense to go for a baby mug that the new mom can take with her wherever she goes. Every sip she takes from this mug will make her smile even more.

Baby mug
Source: disneybaby.com

3. Plush Fleece Bathrobe for Women

New moms get up a lot at night and in some cases the whole family. A cozy, wrap-around fleece robe goes a long way in making mom feel better and happier.

The fleece dress comes with an oversized shawl collar and flip-up cuffs if the main idea is to make her feel snuggled up. Plus, a matching self-tie belt will ensure that her dress will stay in place, despite rocking, breastfeeding, or walking around with the baby.

Gift ideas for Mother's Day
Source: heavy.com

It will be even nicer if the fleece robe comes with pockets to accommodate pacifiers, diaper cream, and burp cloths.

Best gifts for mother's day
Source: whowhatwear.com

On top of that, a nursing nightgown makes an ideal and functional gift for new moms.

Functional gift for new moms
Source: queenbee.com.au

4. Comfortable pajama set

Even if a new mom’s child is a few months old, it still means spending long nights with the baby. By offering her comfy pajama set, she will take off her painful blues almost at best, as it will give her a chance to relax freely around the house.

Pajamas for mothers day

5. Chic looking headbands

Unruffled hair is what you can expect from a new mom. But that’s no reason why she doesn’t feel pretty and young. So a cute headband for new moms with short hair will go a long way in making them feel young and rocking.

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Headbands for Mother's Day
Source: disneybaby.com

6. Lavender Buckwheat Aromatherapy Pillow

A great idea for an active new mom to get a good night’s sleep is to gift her Lavender Buckwheat Aromatherapy Pillow. Buckwheat pods are suitable for mom’s neck and shoulders, while the scent of lavender will keep tired mom getting enough sleep. Don’t you love these unique gifts for new moms?

Aromatherapy pillow for the new mom
Source: ewindandsolar.com

7. Designer changing bag and matching change

One of the most utilitarian and functional gifts for a new mom is a diaper bag that looks more like a designer handbag.

You can guess how many things a new mom has to carry with her with the baby in the trailer.

The diaper bag fits pretty well into all baby essentials. With the option of an adjustable shoulder strap, short handles, carrying a diaper bag is almost like a snap.

Try Hip Cub’s Black and White Striped Designer Diaper Bag which comes with 7 pockets, making it the largest and most roomy, in addition to a changing pad.

Designer changing bag
Source: hipcub.com

To make the diaper bag clean and fresh, go for the Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser.

Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser
Source: amazon

Then there is an on-the-go wipes dispenser, which has a large button for one-handed opening. It keeps up to 25 wet wipes for almost a full day.

8. Pedicure

The new mother spends many sleepless nights, thanks to the care of her newborn baby. Since she’s been on her toes the whole time, don’t you think she deserves a pampered pedicure?

A visit to a salon will help relieve the aches the new mom has endured since giving birth to her baby. A reflexology massage on her feet will give her sore and tired parts of the body the much-needed rest.

Pedicure for Mother's Day
Source: pinterest.de/Choirbwoy

9. Shhh … mom needs some quiet time

A new mom is in desperate need of a break as she’s on her toes all day caring for her baby. Hiring a babysitter for the day or making a move to look after the baby for a day will give the new mom some time for herself. That’s why they say happy moms mean happy babies.

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Best Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
Source: disneybaby.com

10. Personal tablet for mom

Like any other working mom, a new mom also needs time to surf the Internet. The gift of this technologically advanced new mother is a blessing. A tablet computer is the best gift option for her, which will help her take her music, books, videos, etc. everywhere she goes. Since the tablets are slim and stylish, most of them can easily slip into a mother’s purse or diaper bag, without taking up space.

Great Mother's Day Gifts
Source: dhgate.com

Hope you loved these innovative gift ideas for all new moms on Mother’s Day. Share your opinions on the same topic on our social engines FB, Twitter and Instagram. Let us know how thrilled the new mom was upon seeing the gift too!


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