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Make the cut, Amazon’s fashion-focused reality TV series where creators vie for a big financial investment and showcase on Amazon Fashion, has just launched its second season, and it’s a breath of fresh air compared to that at what we got used to with reality TV competitions. Whether you are there for fashion, entrepreneurship or just a little escape, this is a must-see streaming.

Basically, it’s good TV that’s also mission-based. In their introduction, hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn both discuss how the fashion world has shaken dramatically over the past year, with brands closing and designers retreating. Hearing the pair talk to the camera about how they want to find, nurture and grow the next global fashion brand is rightfully heartwarming. The show’s structure, with an award that includes mentorship and a chance to sell on Amazon Fashion, puts the money where their mouths are. There is also real money: the winner will receive a million dollars, a vital investment for a small brand.

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As viewers, we’ve become so used to reality competitions that pit people against each other (often fueled by copious amounts of alcohol) and hosts who are there to snark, not support. I cannot stress enough how much Make the cut doesn’t feel like that. There is sometimes a little tickle in the bubble, but it is nothing compared to what you saw on your screen.

The heart of the show lies with Tim and Heidi, and especially the first one in my opinion. Comments that made up a tagline are thoughtful, clever, and meant to help the recipient consider what they are building, not destroying it. It feels like the challenges aren’t designed to make good TV either, but to really help the folks on the show. (The first episode includes an interview segment that asked designers to explain their brand statements and how they would retain customers, two questions worthy of anyone wanting to launch a brand).

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Plot ? It’s filled with style inspiration from runway looks to what the designers themselves wear, but it’s so much more than that. Check out some of the specifics below, then check out Amazon for two new episodes every Friday.

Who is involved?

Make the cut reunited Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn as hosts; for the second season, they are joined by Winnie Harlow and Jeremy Scott of Moschino (a man who really knows how to make fashion go viral). Guest hosts also come throughout the season, and the names will include Prabal Gurung and Shiona Turini.

There are 10 contestants, up from 12 last season, and as before, each has an established label. There is also some credibility in the fashion world among them all. Gary Graham’s line was at Barneys and he was a CFDA Fashion Fund finalist in 2009; Joshua Scacheri has been included in glossy fashion editorials; and Lucie Brochard’s Parisian creations were worn by the First Ladies.

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Where is it settled?

Los Angeles, an ultra glam quarantine bubble in Malibu to be exact. The talent pool is certainly global, however, with candidates coming from all over (like Colombia, Poland and Paris, as well as some who won’t be content with just one influence – here you are, London-based Australian-Italian) .

Meet the competitors

Wait, I heard I can buy the show?

True! The winning look of each challenge will be available on Amazon Make the cut store immediately after the episode ends. Quantities are limited (although after seeing the styles sell out almost immediately in the first season, there’s a bit more going on).

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Watch, learn, shop and enjoy!

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