Mandira Bedi and children perform a puja on the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of Raj Kaushal: “Sometimes carrying on is courageous”


On Friday, Mandira Bedi and her children had a puja at their home. The three offered prayers on the first anniversary of Raj Kaushal’s death. Raj, Mandira’s husband died on June 30 from cardiac arrest. On July 30, Mandira shared a photo in which she and her children were seen doing a puja. At the same time, she wrote: “# 30thDay”. Later that evening, Mandira shared a motivational quote about how coming back to the track is a mark of strength.

The photo featured a drawing of a boy and a horse with “Sometimes,” the horse said. “Sometimes what? The boy asked. “Sometimes getting up and going is brave and beautiful,” written on it. On Saturday, Mandira shared another handwritten message. The note said, “I am in your arms, O Lord. Thank you. “She captioned the post as” I surrender to you. “

The message comes four days after Mandira’s handwritten note said, “I am worthy, I am capable. I am loved. I’m strong. ”With the post, she said it was time for her to“ start over. ”On her Instagram Stories, Mandira also shared that she was back in shape and shared her accomplishments with her fans and his admirers.


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Mandira Bedi Raj Kaushal Mandira Bedi and her children offered prayers on July 30, which marked a month since Raj Kaushal’s death. (Photo: Mandira Bedi / Instagram)
mandira bedi Mandira Bedi posted this motivational quote on Friday. (Photo: Mandira Bedi / Instagram)
Mandira Bedi Mandira Bedi gave an overview of her coaching accomplishments. (Photo: Mandira Bedi / Instagram)

Mandira and Raj married in 1999. They welcomed their son Vir in 2011 and adopted their 4-year-old daughter, Tara, last year.

Mandira celebrated her daughter’s birthday on Wednesday. “July 28! One year today since you entered our lives, sweet sweet Tara .. And so we are celebrating you today .. it’s your 5th birthday, my baby. I love you so much, ”she wrote with the message.

Earlier this month, Mandira remembered Raj and shared their photos together. She posted adorable photos with a caption that read: “25 years of knowing each other. 23 years of marriage… through all struggles… through all peaks and troughs.



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