Manoj Bajpayee deciphers why his characters, from Family Man to Dial 100, have become so popular


Manoj Bajpayee is happy that the success of his recent projects has made the younger generation aware of his previous work. “People under 19 or 16 go back to my past films and watch them, take an interest in them. So it’s a very happy situation, ”the veteran actor told

Bajpayee, who is here with his latest thriller Dial 100 is excited but nervous about the public comments. Director Rensil D’Silva also stars Neena Gupta and Sakshi Tanwar. ZEE5’s original revolves around a cop who receives a distress call from a woman. On his way to help her, he realizes that their past connection has now put his wife and child in danger.

Taking the film’s story as its hero, Bajpayee called Dial 100 “well written, more than just a thriller.” According to him, “He’s also a middle-class guy who is not a good father or a good husband. He is very reluctant and reckless when it comes to caring for his family. It tells the story that growing children and their parents face in today’s society. There are some tips that won’t leave you easily after the movie is over.


While Bajpayee revealed that the directors deliberately kept actors from viewing the film ahead of its August 6 release, he agreed that he had so far heard good things about Dial 100 from its publisher. and its technicians. “We’re going to watch it with the audience and have a little party,” he said.

Bajpayee is currently the flavor of the season with back-to-back successful drafts. Firstly, The family man season 2 broke the web space, its short Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa in the anthology, Ray also won hearts. But despite the immense adulation, the leading actor says he is unaffected and looks forward to his next one.

“I am so happy that all my projects received love and for all the directors who believed in me. The Family Man has become a worldwide success. But I’m more interested and nervous about what I’m going to do next and how I’m going to do it on set the next day, ”Bajpayee said frankly.

compose 100 photos manoj bajpayee Manoj Bajpayee plays a policeman in Dial 100. (Photos: ZEE5)


Rensil, who directed it on Dial 100, agreed that getting a yes from a mainstay like Bajpayee is something any filmmaker can worry about. He said: “Any director would be lying if he said he’s not nervous when sending a script to an actor he admires, especially someone like Manoj.”

Rensil, who previously wrote the screenplay for the Bajpayee Aks (2001) star, added that while he always wanted to find the actor, he was waiting to come up with the right screenplay. Praising Bajpayee’s humility, he said, “I have to say he’s really lovely. Some people train you a lot to say yes. But he said yes to the Dial 100 in 48 hours and met us the next day. It is rare and testifies to his humility. He’s inundated with scripts today, but I was a little confident, which I’m not always, that this script had something going for him.

manoj bajpayee aks stills Manoj Bajpayee dans un alembic d’Aks (2001), written by Rensil D’Silva.

The manager explained that he went to an emergency control center to understand the atmosphere there and how the police treated ordinary citizens. Calling it a whole new world, Rensil told us, “Normal people don’t even know it, but there are police officers who are psychologically trained just to respond to these distress calls regarding domestic violence and so many things. So that was my research. No Hindi film has entered this space.

He added that he was lucky to have the three actors on board as they also helped to ensure the emotional continuity of the film, giving their know-how and experience. “The film takes place overnight. Since the movies aren’t shot in order, so more than the continuity of that night, the emotional continuity was extremely important. You can’t do that with beautiful people or stars. You need actors for that.

Rensil, who has films like Rang De Basanti and Student of the Year under his belt as a writer, has revealed that he was selected for supporting thrillers only. The writer-director has also directed Kurbaan, Ungli and the 24 TV series. Thanking digital media for giving creative impetus to writers, he said, “In this industry people are showcasing you. Basanti Rank is not a thriller. When Karan (Johar) told me to write Student of the Year, I thought he was joking. He told me that people were just transcribing me. As for the longer format, we were among the first to come out 24. People back then thought we were crazy like Naagin and these shows were our competition. Today, 24 would integrate very easily on an OTT platform.

“OTT is a great liberating medium. We can spend more time with our characters, telling more stories that wouldn’t normally have been shown on the big screen. There is no fear of Friday. He is a medium of writers. Writing 10 episodes, which equates to four feature films and keeping people glued to their seats, that’s the challenge. So the writer in me is very happy. A lot of people think I only like thrillers, but that’s not true. I’m completely open to romance but no one gives it to me, ”Rensil added.

Bajpayee, who left late to take middle-class characters to new heights, making ordinary man heroes, may not be like the ordinary leader, but that’s what wins audiences over. The actor agreed that it is because “everyone we see, even at a bus stop or a market in a hero of his own story and is fighting a great battle”.

“Someone asked me how my characters got so popular and so influential. It is because it comes from ordinary people. They are my inspiration, the ones I see on a passing local train. In my heart, I actually greet those who are going through so much to do something with their lives. When we take this regular man and put him in a two hour story, audiences start to get interested. Every character I do is a tribute to them, ”Bajpayee said, asking Rensil to write a romantic story for him.

“Why can’t I romance on screen?” Challenge your Rensil mind. Write a romantic movie for me a difference! Bajpayee concluded with a laugh.


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