Men’s Hair Stylist Approved Faux Hawk Hairstyles

We’re going to assume you’ve heard of the mohawk, that sharp, green thing that lived on the heads of punk rockers and was also co-opted in other forms by men as diverse as Travis Bickle, Mr T, and David Beckham. It’s a strong look. However, you might not be so confident identifying her twice restyled second cousin, the Falcon Falcon. Much more practical and much less threatening, the Falcon will allow you to walk through door frames unobstructed and will not be an obstacle during job interviews either. For visual cues, think of Beckham from the late 2000s, Zayn Malik before the mowing, and Brad Pitt, who ages like fine wine – they all donned the faux hawk and did a great job. You can too, because we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make this punk-inspired style rock your world.

What is a false hawk?

When a mohawk involves a shaved head with a dramatic band of hair left in the middle, the faux hawk takes some of the same rules and applies them in a way that doesn’t leave OAPs rowdy. More versatile and accessible, it also won’t erase your chances of stepping out of a pub with a spit and sawdust. “The defining characteristics of a faux hawk are a short back and sides but with longer hair than usual on top – not as much as a pompadour, but long enough that the hair can be spiked or shaped into a shape. tip, ”says Jason Collier, a celebrity hairstylist who has looked after the heads of Justin Timberlake and Damian Lewis. “It’s much more of a crowd pleaser, less dramatic than a mohawk, and has a sleek, urban sophistication that makes it look a lot more wearable.” In layman’s barbershop terms, the faux hawk is longer than a short back and sides with a bit of spike action in the middle, usually in the front of the head. How dramatic the peak is to you. It’s a cut that isn’t painfully boring but also won’t leave a trail of raised eyebrows in its wake.

How to Choose the Right Faux Hawk

There are two crucial things you need to consider if you are planning to put the faux hawk on your head: your face shape and your lifestyle. Those with a longer face (rectangular, triangular) will need to make sure their faux hawk doesn’t have too much length on top and the sides aren’t too tight, as this will add even more length. Those with a wider face shape (heart, round) should follow the reverse advice adding height on top and shortening the sides. As with any cut, you need to think about what will balance your cup aside from the oval-faced guys – who can do just about anything they want. Here’s another opinion: Those artfully tousled faux hawks we see on celebrity crowns aren’t the result of the bed-to-red carpet rollover. The longer your faux hawk is on top, the more effort it will take to get it into the right position and stay there. If you are short on time, go for it.


How to style a faux hawk

Getting this punk spin-off to grab attention doesn’t require slathering your head with industrial-grade hair gel, says Collier. The key to getting it right is the preparation as well as the product. “To style the faux hawk, keep it simple,” says Collier. “If you have thin or straight hair you can let your hair dry normally before styling it, but if you have thicker or wavy hair you might want to blow dry and brush it for a smoother finish. Apply the product with caution. Too hard and you’ll be rocking rock hard spikes instead of a strategically messed up mound. “A strong hold hair wax is the best product to use on this kind of styling; use a pea-sized amount and warm it between your palms, spread it over your hands and put heat in it. Because the faux hawk is designed to be quick and messy, you won’t need a lot of mirror time or styling tools to get it right. “Just use your fingers to push the lengths of the hair up and adjust it until you’re happy with the look of the area,” says Collier. “You can go all the way to the herringbone and separate each area, but the best finish for this kind of look is all upside, a little messy, nothing too ‘done’.”

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The Faded Falcon

Like the mohawk in its purest form, the faded faux hawk bares your head a bit but does so in a way that won’t put little old ladies across the street as you approach. He still clings to the right amount of punk bluster from the original style.

Description of the imageRia Smallwood for The Bluebeards Revenge

How to get it

“To get a faded faux hawk, have your hairstylist set the trimmer to 0, then the hair should be bleached in grade 2, using 0.5 to 2 grades,” says hairstylist Joseph Lanzante, who runs the one of the best barbers in the UK. training academies. “In addition, the hair should be uniform in length but layered. To finish this style, use paste to define and part the hair.


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The false hawk runs

This short haircut is ideal for men who want to give the punk peak as wide a spot as possible. It has a lot of textual interest at the top, but you can still wear it to your desk without receiving a passive-aggressive email from Sarah at HR.

Description of the image

How to get it

“A clipper fade will give a uniform and crisp look for a short faux hawk – the shorter the fade, the greater the overall contrast,” says Josh Thorner, stylist at Manifesto Barbers in London. Agree with your hairstylist on the maximum length through the middle, asking them to cut a round shape into the connection on each side. “The length on top should be graduated from back to front, keeping the length at the fringe. For styling, a surf spray will help create a lot of texture – apply to your hair when it’s damp and dry with a diffuser hair dryer, then finish with clay for a matte look.

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The shaggy faux hawk

For men whose hair is most often in a natural messy state, shaggy faux hawk is a cut that will spruce things up while obediently cooperating with the hair’s natural curls or waves. Great texture on top with little on the sides, the shaggy faux hawk distinguishes between groomed and awake like that with a bit of bluster.

Description of the image

How to get it

“Ideally, the top should be at least 4 inches long and shaved down the sides: I would recommend trimming the top to add texture, as this will help the peak not to fall flat,” says Joe Mills, hairstylist. and owner of Joe and Co. “To style, use a little sea salt spray and apply to damp, clean hair. Then use a blow dryer to dry it, using your fingers to lift the front to create a messy quiff, then finish with a matte paste.

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The Medium Falcon

Usually we would call engagement phobes bad form. However, in the case of those who want to play it safe with a medium length hairstyle, we will allow it because the fence rarely looks so good. Less extreme than a long or faded faux hawk but more daring than a short faux hawk, this is one of those perfectly balanced styles that can also become something else without too much drama.

Description of the image

How to get it

“To achieve a medium hairstyle in faux hawk, you have to use a hair clipper on the back and sides of grade 3 to grade 4,” says Lanzante. “On the crown of the head, the hair should be layered evenly in length and defined and textured using a medium sheen paste.”

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The long false hawk

Great for guys with plenty of spare time and a perfect oval face (aka the lucky ones), the long faux hawk is pretty much the follicular antithesis of the buzz cut: it’s dramatic, loud, and requires maintenance to keep it going. in a perfect state.

Description of the image

How to get it

“For a long faux hawk, ask for a clipper fade to the back and sides of your head, but not too short,” says Thorner. “Have your hairstylist keep the top disconnected from the sides; the top should be cut from back to front and the back should be the shortest point. Ask for a lot of length from the bangs. “Texturize once dry with a styling cream. Apply it to damp hair, then use hair dryer to blow dry from top to bottom. If you need extra hold, once it’s dry, blow the hair out with cold air, which will seal the cuticle to help keep it straight. Finish with a hairspray if you find that your hairstyle is still not holding the day.

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The Falcon Falcon Undercut

The undercut faux hawk is a feat of follicular management, so you will need to be very happy in the company of your hairstylist if you go for this style. Long and messy on top and faded (but disconnected) on the sides, this is another dramatic and demanding style.

Description of the image

How to get it

“This is a slightly shorter version of the shaggy faux hawk, but the idea behind it is the same. The top is still disconnected but with less length throughout,” says Mills. “However, you still have it. need enough length so that the finished style does not look like an accident. “I would recommend a minimum of a few inches. The whole concept of this haircut is that it has a bit of a DIY side to it. Use a texture spray on clean, damp hair (five pumps throughout), then blow dry with a hair dryer. Finish with a grooming cream and add texture with your fingers.

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