Menswear has finally caught up with the Muppets


This very moment in menswear seems to be characterized by a woozy, upscale embrace of the past and the future. The eras are distorted into each other and all that is old merges into all that is new. Some of today’s more advanced fashion looks make it look like they could have been taken from a decades-old Eric Rohmer movie, unless they came from the 1980s closet of Billy Crystal. We love loose suits, light collared shirts and shiny loafers, sometimes all at once. It’s enough to make your head turn with love when you stand in front of your closet.

There is, however, one bizarre common thread to our all-round fashion moment, and that’s the Muppets. Yes…those Muppets. Not all, exactly, just a few to choose from, but still. You probably didn’t expect to hear that Kermit the Frog, Gonzo the Great and Pepe the Royal Shrimp, alongside a few of their hushed friends, dress like modern day street style stars. But the proof is indisputable.

Kermit in an attractive three-room apartment.


The Muppets Are Stylish movement started out as so many quirky but unmistakable ideas before it: as funny memes and stray tweets, built year after year until they acquired the patina of truth. Kermit’s official account tweeted a photo of the Fuzzy Frog in an autumnal brown outfit with a blazer thrown over his shoulder, and the fashion memes starting to fly. Gonzo’s gazes began drawing comparisons to those of Harry Styles. “Looking for pictures of dripping muppets” read one Tweeter.


Then, last week, self-proclaimed fashion rule breaker Gonzo caused a stir. in a loud yellow suit, it looks like it came straight out of an Engineered Garments collection. It was as if everything had come into focus and I finally saw the light. All of a sudden, I couldn’t deny that Pepe, the ever-brave shrimp, in his funky patterned camp-collar shirt (Bode-esque, right?) And gold chain, was the portrait. spat from a trendy city dweller walking through Dimes Square on a hot summer day.

I bet you didn’t think you wanted to dress like Gonzo.



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